DIY Santa Gnome Tutorial – 1 Hour Craft perfect for a kid craft

A perfect holiday craft for kids! This Santa Gnome is a 1 hour craft! This cute little Santa Gnome will be different every time you make him.  You can make a whole village of these little santas.  Make them for your home or give them as gifts … I’m thinking teacher gifts! To make the Santa Gnome, you’ll need: Rice or Poly Pellets Red felt Beige jersey cotton Jersey cotton (for body) Faux fur Cotton Batting Thread and needle Let’s assemble him!   I think he needs a name … Let’s name him ‘Walter’ To make the body, cut cotton fabric 7″ x 12″. Fold in half lengthwise and sew each side using a 1/2″ seam allowance. At the bottom, fold the corner flat and out, measure 1.5″, and … [Read more...]

Silhouette Black Friday Deals + Christmas Craft

Silhouette is having an AH-MAZING BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! It’s their BIGGEST EVER!!! {be sure to use "TARA" as your coupon code} If you’re thinking of buying a Silhouette or getting supplies, this is the time to jump on it!!    So, I made a little Christmas Themed canvas wall hanging using my Silhouette Vinyl. Here’s how I made it... Get your supplies:  Computer, Silhouette, Vinyl, Canvas, Paint, Paint brushes, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun Open your Silhouette app on your computer. Click the ‘text’ icon Type in your message.  Mine says: “Were you naughty or... nice??? Hmmm...” I then highlighted it and went through the different fonts and used one that I liked. Then click the … [Read more...]