A year of short hair

Last year, I willingly and excitedly shaved my head bald to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research through a great organization called St Baldrick's.  It's a world wide organization that raises money and those raising money, in turn, shave their head at events all over the world.  They occur on various days at various venues (Irish Pubs are huge sponsors) and they take place in around St. Patricks Day. It is an experience that can change many lives in different ways.  It can change a child's life, a child's family's life, and the shavee's life.  For women shavees, it can perhaps mean something different than men shaving their heads.  For women, hair and their hairstyles often define them … [Read more...]

I Shaved my Head

Yes, it's so very very true!  My shoulder length, thick but fine, soft, dark hair is gone.  I shaved my head to raise money for Children's Cancer research through the St Baldricks Foundation.   The Fado Pub location raised over $415,000 by 600 participants!  That is crazy! Here is a picture of me and my hair Friday morning...  And here is one from yesterday... It was such an emotional experience.  Very liberating mostly.  Would I do it again?  Definitely.  Will I do it next year?  Not sure about that right now.  I say that not because of the experience but because I might want to grow my hair.  Will I do it in the future?  Most likely. I have never really put much thought in to shaving … [Read more...]