Hair Grows Back!

I'm here to tell you that it really does grow. The average hair growth is .5" per month.  I'm here to tell you that I'm average! haha ... in the hair department, anyways... Here's a picture that one of our photographers at the MTV Movie Awards gift lounge took ... One of my signature looks ... dunno why. My heart about stopped when Joyce Giraud from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" told me that she wished she had my hair.  WHAT??? She told me that if she raises $500,000 towards her foundation, she'll cut it mid back length.  If she raises $1,000,000 {yes, 1 MILLION DOLLARS}, she'll cut her hair like mine!!!  Her mane is ah-mazing!  Gahhhhhh!!!! Here's one of myself and Hal … [Read more...]

Celebrities at the Emmys Gifting Lounge

Although my ‘boyfriend’, Shemar Moore, didn’t make his appearance at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge a few weeks ago, there were a lot of others that showed!!!  He was on our run sheet to show, but he was busy at rehearsals, etc.  Pfftttt ... If he knew I was there, I'm SURE he would've shown up! I wanted to share some pictures that were taken at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge. I love this one of Matt LeBlanc and David Crane, the creator of "Friends" and "Episodes".   Of course, the host of the big show, Neil Patrick Harris, made an appearance ... I loved, loved, loved seeing him!!!  As you can see in the other picture below.... Tempest Bledsoe, we all know her from The Cosby Show, but … [Read more...]

Pre-Emmys Interview with Real TV Films

I know it was like so 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to share this video in the Emmys Gifting Lounge held at The W Hotel in Hollywood, CA.  Tia Barr is the host for Real TV Films for the Emmy's Gift Lounge ... she was so cute!!! Featuring The Artisan Group It was such a blast to be a part of. Hope you enjoy it! I love representing all the artisans from all over the world!  It is such a 'high' for me and I love sharing the Handmade talent with celebrities and Hollywood!!!  It's something they wouldn't probably be exposed to most times, but going to these gifting lounges allows them to be exposed and for them to SEE all the amazing talent that makes The Artisan Group!!! … [Read more...]

A tour of the GBK Emmys gifting lounge

Take a tour of the gifting lounge in Hollywood for the Emmys … [Read more...]