Sewing Tutorials in Sew It All magazine

Check out Sew It All magazine this month, Taradara is in it with 2 sewing tutorials

The day has finally come where I can say that “I’m published in a magazine”!  I wrote 2 sewing tutorials in Sew It All magazine ready to hit newsstands any day now.  What an exciting moment to open up a magazine and see your products and tutorial right there! They recently had me as a [Read On]

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

dr seuss iphone cover

Blog Conference ~ SITS Girls know how to put on a show

Bloggy Bootcamp

Blogging   I’m going to start off by saying that if you are EVER thinking of attending or trying to decide on a blogging conference to help you along with your blog, Bloggy Bootcamp is the one you should invest in.  It’s one day.  It’s affordable.  It’s jam packed with USEFUL information.  There is a ton [Read On]


baby pic

I’M 29 TODAY!!!!!!!! AGAIN! I think I’ve 29 for about 9 years or so, and I’m okay with that It’s really hard to believe that I’m having the birthday that I am.  I don’t feel that old.  I wonder a lot to myself about how someone of my age is supposed to act?  I often [Read On]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Etsy Shop

etsy card holder

Oh, there’s been a LOT new in the shop this week!!  I’ve been a busy busy gal! There’s a Discount Code, did ya hear?!  BRACELET for 15% off goes till tomorrow, then there’s a little something starting on Sunday {see at the end of the post} ************** I announced a new product line on Wednesday [Read On]

What we did this weekend … I went to Creative Estates!!!

And, boy was it GREAT! I made so many connections and met a LOT of my twitter friends.  It’s so nice to put personalities to faces and tweets and blogs.  I can now hear their actual voice while I read their tweets or their blog posts.  It’s so wonderful to have that!  Now the square [Read On]

Fabric Feature Friday!!!

Wow!  It’s here already!!! Earlier this week, I introduced the Dr Seuss iPad and Kindle/Nook covers {I couldn’t wait, I was just so excited to release them!!!} Read about it here…. Here’s a pic of one of the iPad covers, in case you missed it…. You can purchase it here {SOLD}   But I have [Read On]

Fabric Piece Friday

So, I’ve been a sewing fool these last few weeks and it sure feels good to be sooooo productive!!!! Here’s a few Card holders I’ve just added to my Etsy Store:: Polka dots and Batiks!!! Amy Butler anyone? Batik explosion! Moda Fabrics … yum!!!   My Big Cartel store is FULL of greatness as well!!! [Read On]

Big Cartel store stocked up!!!

My Big Cartel store is full to the brim!  Need to make some room! I’ve been a busy little sewer in the last while!  It’s been great because the kids have been in bed by no later than 7:30pm every night this week, so I’ve had TIME to get things done! It’s been a lot [Read On]

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