Big News Announcement!! Build a Better Creative Business Course

In case you haven't heard, my friends Lisa Jacobs and Timothy Adam have an amazing course, Build a Better Creative Business.  It's FULL of amazing tips and tricks.  These 2 combined have truly rocked the handmade business and have been very successful on Etsy. I'm happy to announce that I will be a part of this amazing course!!! I'll be talking about PR {Public Relations} and Media Exposure. I feel very proud to be teamed up with these 2 successful business savvy entrepreneurs. This is week 2 of the Build a Better Creative Business Course and we still have stops available. Lisa and Tim have a few FAQ's you can read through over on the Build a Better Creative Business' blog HERE.   … [Read more...]

Taradara is doing some Interviews!

I had the great honor to meet and listen to the SEO guru Dennis Goedegebuure at SNAP! in the spring.  He has started a new blog where he features different bloggers.  It's fantastic!  If you want to find some high profile wonderful blogs, you might want to Pin or bookmark his new blog, Blogger Spotlight. Well, here's a link to our interview, Taradara Made It. Then, I was so delighted when The Art Career Project posted on HARO {Help a Reporter Out} looking for artistic peeps who made a living with their art. We corresponded and this is the interview that came from it, Taradara. I loved both interviews as they made me think in different ways.  Please click over and show them some … [Read more...]

Overachiever? New Years Does Funny Things To Us

So, it's Day 3 in to the New Year of 2012 and I find myself in a slump.  Do you ever get that way? I thought hard about writing this post as I NEVER want to complain or whine {especially to people who don't know me well}.  But I guess this is me just being me and being open and honest with where I'm at. I started thinking of resolutions earlier before 2011 ended, but all I really came up with was a GIGANTIC to do list.  No matter how I approached it, it just came down to a to-do list, so I went with it and didn't fight it.  So, now I look at my list and wonder to myself ... what was I thinking?  There's no time for that.  I've got too much other stuff going on to even think of tackling … [Read more...]

Other People's Wisdom and Skills – A New Series

During my travels with my temporary real job, I have been maximizing my driving time with listening to podcasts and webinars that will help me with several aspects of my handmade business.  There are times where I've been in the car for 6 hours during the day {no joke} and grew very tired of listening to the radio.  So, I turn on my iPad, put in my earphones, listen and learn ... oh, and drive. I recently got in to listening to podcasts and webinars since I got my iPad for Christmas {I love that it's so portable!!}.  What I've done is downloaded podcasts to the iPod {in my iPad} from iTunes.  There are a TON of FREE podcasts out there!!  Podcasts on so many different topics from 'how to … [Read more...]

SCORE ~ My first 'business' counseling session for my Handmade Business

Back in January, one of my goals was to contact our local Small Business Association {SBA} and/or SCORE {not sure exactly what it's an acronym for}. SCORE contacted me and we set up an appointment to meet with a counsellor.  My meeting was today! You can go here and see what SCORE is all about.  Basically, I went because I'm a relatively new entrepreneur and need all the help I can get. SCORE is a FREE resource!!!  Now why wouldn't I use it?  I met with a retired businessman who was so kind and focused me on NUMBERS.  Me, being an artsy kind of gal, has not FOCUSED on numbers during my first year so much.  I have been focused on developing my products, on establishing relationships with my … [Read more...]

facebook, twitter, blog … oh my!

Well, here I am world ... ready to share my craft and my love of sewing to y'all!  I recently returned from The Creative Connection event in Minnesota (it was great to talk with the locals as it felt like I was at home ... minus them saying 'eh').  I quickly learned that I had a LOT of homework to do upon my arrival home.  So, I already had a Facebook page for taradara ... and an Etsy store ... but, that was it. So here I am, creating my first blog post.  It really isn't that hard to create a blog, however, I get caught up in the design and how I want my page to look; it took me a while to decide the look, and now I have to also learn how to optimize everything else.  I haven't sat at my … [Read more...]