Larry King and Steve Forbes – Success 2012 Denver

The Success 2012 Seminar has such an amazing line up, Larry King and Steve Forbes!  They're making 5 stops in the WORLD, yep, WORLD and they kicked it off in Denver, CO!  It was so spectacular! I wrote out Bill Cosby last week, I was in such awe!!  He was the cherry on top as speakers like Steve Forbes and Larry King were up prior to him. Steve Forbes started the day with an upbeat and FUNNY session.  I loved how he pointed out the marketing facts about certain companies that have MADE IT!  He was charming, funny, and made a LOT of sense!  He should, after all he's Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.  He spoke on the fluctuation of the dollar and the gold standard and … [Read more...]

Tory Johnson’s Personal Message at Spark and Hustle

Tory Johnson shares a personal story with women at her Denver Spark and Hustle stop. She talks about being a chicken and getting the courage to reach out and JUST ASK. JUST ASK. I love that she shared this story with us!  It just goes to show that she is just like most of us.  We all need to work up the nerve and we often wait till the last minute realizing that it's no big deal to the person we're going to ask for help or assistance. It's time to change this behavior.  You can do it!!! What are you thoughts on this?  Have you ever done this?  What was your experience? xo Tara … [Read more...]