IKEA Creative Hack – Mod Podge + Cork Trivets

I have had these IKEA cork trivets in my studio for forever and a day. In fact I bought them way back when we had the Denver IKEA clock blogger challenge.  So I bought them thinking I was going to do something with them but never had any inspiration. Hark, inspiration hit and I went with it! I've been in to burlap lately {see my Burlap Flower tutorial} and thought I should put some on these cork trivets. How to decorate Cork Trivets Place the round cork trivet on burlap and cut around it.  Then use Mod Podge as a glue, apply it with a foam brush.  Press the burlap on and let dry. Go around the edges and apply Mod Podge as well to keep the burlap edges from fraying. Then I got some … [Read more...]