Be bold with color – on the walls & in your hair!

I was just talking about being bold with wall color, but let's take it a bit further and be bold with color on my hair!  YEAH!! My feature wall in our front room is now purple, I cannot wait to share with you the completed project.  I now also have purple in my hair!  What made me do it?  Well, my hair is a point of growing out after shaving it 5 months ago {for St. Baldricks Day to raise money for Childhood Cancer}, and I really needed a style and something different to help me along the process.  You can see the pictures of my bald head and what I looked like just before the clippers touched my head slowly shaving my hair. I haven't colored my hair anything funky or anything that … [Read more...]

Be Bold With Color

I am a bit out of my comfort zone here.  Most of you know me to be very colorful and bright with my sewing projects and products.  When it comes to wall color of my home, color is a challenge for me.  I am about to be very bold with color.  I'm pretty neutral generally when it comes to paint colors in my home. Not this time! This room has been white for over 5 years!  5 YEARS!  Why?  Because I haven't been able to decide what color to paint it.  It's the front room.  The first room you see when you walk into the house.  It has been a catch all room, never truly having an identity or purpose. See this amazing piece artwork?  It's one of the biggest inspirations to the 'change' Here's a … [Read more...]