Larry King and Steve Forbes – Success 2012 Denver

The Success 2012 Seminar has such an amazing line up, Larry King and Steve Forbes!  They're making 5 stops in the WORLD, yep, WORLD and they kicked it off in Denver, CO!  It was so spectacular! I wrote out Bill Cosby last week, I was in such awe!!  He was the cherry on top as speakers like Steve Forbes and Larry King were up prior to him. Steve Forbes started the day with an upbeat and FUNNY session.  I loved how he pointed out the marketing facts about certain companies that have MADE IT!  He was charming, funny, and made a LOT of sense!  He should, after all he's Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.  He spoke on the fluctuation of the dollar and the gold standard and … [Read more...]

Bill Cosby has Completed Me – Success 2012 Seminar

All my life since I was a little girl, I've wanted to meet Bill Cosby.  I watched him as Dr Huxtable on The Cosby Show for as long as it ran.  I've adored this man for years!!!  Last Saturday, Bill Cosby was a keynote speaker at the Success 2012 Seminar in Denver. "GET UP!" My heart beating fast, my face flushing, my finger ready to shoot as many pictures of this man as I could!  He entered the stage and spoke.  My dream came true.  No, I did not actually 'meet' him, but I got to see Bill Cosby from the FRONT ROW {thanks to Jay Mills of Jay's Valet}! Bill Cosby kept looking at me {I think he loved me, too!}, and when he did, my camera went *click,click,click* and again and again. I … [Read more...]