Fabric Feature Friday


Happy Friday, everyone!!! Well, the boys are officially on summer break!  Wow, that year went quick! Now, on to focusing on keeping them busy and stimulated on my own ... shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe I'll get them to work in my studio with me ... should make for some interesting pieces, hey!   Might be a good thing ... maybe a few masculine items might come out of it?   Would this be something you'd like to see? Well, for now, how about some pretty things I've been working on this week ... A summer-y cup cozy for you Check it out here Are you traveling this summer? Get yourself a one of a kind passport cover right here How about a Grey and Yellow Cup Cozy?  hmmmm.... Snatch it up … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday


What's new? Hope you had a GREAT Mother's Day last Sunday!  Did you get spoiled?  I did ... more on that later... So, I've got a few iPad covers and cool wallets that are new in the shop this week.... How about this pretty ... Do you love it and have to have it? You can, just click here Okay, how about this one?  A bit different than the one above... If this one is more your style Simply go here to snag it up for yourself {or someone you love} I'm digging the fabrics used in this iPad cover.  What do you think? I love the 'starbursts' in the muted grey!   Oh, and how about these chairs with random yellow birds perched? Click here to carry it away to protect your beloved iPad! Moving on … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday! {and a Mother's Day Discount Code!}


Wow, it's been a while since I've posted one of these! My temporary full time job is slowing down to an end.  So, now, normalcy can start to set in and we can get back in to the FUN stuff!!! I'm so excited for MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  Are you? {pssst.... see coupon code for 20% off at end of post} Would you like to see what's new in the shop? OK. GORGEOUS iPad cover with polka dots!!! A Springtime Wallet .. GORG! Playful Dr Seuss iPad cover! These are all sooooooo fun! You can enter to win a $35 giveaway to my shops over at Swell/Swag Entry is open until 5-11-11 Click here to enter You can go to my Etsy store here to go take a look at what you'd like to spend your $35 that you're going to … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday!


I thought I'd share a wallet with you today.... I absolutely love these wallets!!!  I seriously get compliments on my personal wallet EVERY time I bring it out ... Which is easy advertising ... so I always make sure to have a business card handy {in a separate card holder ... that I made ... ahem} And hand my card out.   I know people love to feel, touch, and see the product before they buy ... {that's the challenge with selling primarily online} So, I always try to take the opportunity to hand my card out to those who have seen my products in person {and hope they will go to my store(s) and purchase one for themselves}   So, here we go.... The outside front is so … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday!!!!


Friday is here again!!! {this work thing is sure making the weeks FLY by even faster than they did before!} In just a few weeks, I will be at the Creative Estates conference in Phoenix, AZ. .... and I'll be selling my wares... So what does that mean? Well, I'm going to be bringing pretty much ALL my inventory {because I'm going to sell it ALL} ... positive foresight.  positive thinking.  positive vibes. So, what it means is that if YOU have had your eye on something, you might want to buy it so it doesn't get sold. And to HELP you do that, I'm offering YOU a 20% discount for this week!!!!!!! Not only that, but it's SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring makes me HAPPY so I want to … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Snakes are going back into hibernation

Wait ... do snakes hibernate?  hmmmm.... have to Google that....   Remember these HUGE cuddly cute sssssssssnakes I announced early last month? They're ssssssslithering away back to their cave... But I wanted to give you a chance to get one ... or two... or three.... These will be going back in to their little cave on March 18th {next Friday} and will not be available for a while. They have been a great ssssssseller!!!!  And I thank you all who have purchased them during their time out of the cave. But, alas, they must go back for a bit of time.... If you've been thinking about getting one ... Go on, go get yourself {or your kiddo, niece, nephew, grandbaby} … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday

Ack, it's Friday! I'm so excited to have these new items in my store!!!  I just completed most of them today! How about we start off with some 'Green Eggs and Ham'? Traveling anywhere fun for spring break?  Don't lose you passport with this fancy Dr Seuss cover... Pick it up here   You may need a small little wallet or card holder to go with your passport cover. A perfect size for traveling:  just enough room for your ID and some cash... Oh, and let's not forget Dr Seuss' 'Horton Hears a Who' .... Here it is opened up.  Way FUN!!! Buy it here   For those ladies who love YELLOW!!!  Here's a passport cover just for you! How pretty is this! Purchase it here   Last but not … [Read more...]



Yes!!!!!!! Thank you so much for following!!! In celebration of 500 followers on Twitter, I'm doing a giveaway to my stores.... FIFTY BIG ONES!!!! 50 BUCKS!!!!! The lucky winner will win a $50 store credit to either of my stores ... Big Cartel or my Etsy store!!!!!!! Whoa ... that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!! And taradara WALLETS are on SALE for $50 this week!!!!! {reg $60} Let's see some of the items you could buy with $50!!! You could 5 of these....   One iPad cover PLUS another item!   2 Passport covers!!!   Or a WALLET!!!! YES, THEY'RE GOING ON FOR $50 FOR THE WHOLE WEEK!!!   You pick up 4 of these card holders!!!!   Mix it up and get a few different things!!! So … [Read more...]

Fabric Piece Friday


So, I've been a sewing fool these last few weeks and it sure feels good to be sooooo productive!!!! Here's a few Card holders I've just added to my Etsy Store:: Polka dots and Batiks!!! Amy Butler anyone? Batik explosion! Moda Fabrics ... yum!!!   My Big Cartel store is FULL of greatness as well!!! Here are some pretties.... A fun and VIBRANT  wallet!!!! Here's the back!! A colorful Brag Book {the 4x6 album is INCLUDED!!} And don't forget the freshly launched CUP COZY!!! Enjoy!  Happy Weekend!!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]


Well, the new year is almost here! Why don't we celebrate with a sale! Head on over to my taradara store and receive 25%OFF the entire store!!! Coupon code: BYE2010 You could get a great one of a kind wallet for $45!!!! Oh, how about a passport cover for only $18.75!!!! Um, a card/ID holder for a mere $9.40!!!! AWESOME!   Happy happy NEW YEAR!!!!!   xo Tara … [Read more...]