Easiest spray paint update ever – Make your bathroom elegant

Spray Paint is your friend!!! We buy the generic toilet bowl scrubber, the toilet plunger, the bathroom trash can.  Some can be very nice if you pay for it but for those on a budget, we buy the generic white plastic ones.  I love spray paint, it's no secret... I love the silver metallic one in the sickest way!!!  I would paint my house in it.  My boys are often threatened that they will be painted in it if they don't run fast enough. Wanted to share a before and after photo of the toilet bowl scrubber I just painted to give our bathroom a more elegant look.  It literally took a minute the first coat and then another minute to go around it again to make sure it had an even coat. Money … [Read more...]

What to do with my Shower Door

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sterling for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I have been looking at this builder's grade shower door since we moved in and have threatened to remove it and replace it with a curtain. This is the boys' bathroom... They never have had a bath in this tub because it hurt me too much to bend over and lean on the metal tracks, which is why I wanted to remove them.  We have a bathtub in our master bath that doesn't have any 'barriers' so we use that tub instead.  I was also worried about them hurting themselves by slipping when they got in or out the tub.  But now that they're grown up and shower on their own, it's not such a big deal for … [Read more...]

DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Stencil Your Way to a Personalized Bathroom Stenciling is a handy homemade alternative to fancy wall stickers, it’s easy and cheap to do, and it’s a great DIY way to add some interest to your walls. Stenciling works especially well in bathrooms, where personality is sadly often lacking. Bathrooms are usually fully equipped with modern bathroom suites and shiny accessories, so they’re functional and they look good. But with a little time, effort and paint in your hair, you can personalize your bathing space until it really feels like it’s yours – and your kids will love helping, too! For a coordinated look, choose a set of two or three complementary shades and apply them in … [Read more...]