Dining Room Chairs … get a makeover

Another DIY furniture makeover. I bought these country style chairs and the dining room table for $30 off of Craigslist {of course!} with a plan.  We didn't have enough furniture to fill our home as we moved from a smaller house to one that is double the size. I thought they were kind of ugly, but there was certainly potential there.  So, I took off the cushion, painted the chair, recovered the cushion, and put it all back together again.  It contrasts nicely with the DIY hutch makeover that I did with a black base with blue as the main color. The chairs {and the table, whenever it gets done} are painted black with a blue base. What do you think? First stage I just made a quick pass … [Read more...]

Yet, another Goodwill Find….

Yes, I found a clean leather Franklin Covey Laptop Bag at our local Goodwill store!!! I couldn't believe it, it was just laying there ON THE FLOOR begging to come with me to my home to be loved and used.  So, of course, I saved it from the brutal care it was receiving and gave it some TLC. You want to know how much, don't you... It was regular $10.99, but got it half off!!!!  Yep, a mere $5.50 for this gem!!! The bag was PERFECT!  In fact, I wondered why someone would donate this bag?! The straps were a bit cracked ... but big deal!!! Well, I didn't really care, but I thought I could give it a taradara look and make it mine.  So I did... It was interesting … [Read more...]

Fabric Piece Friday!!!! Kindle/Nook Covers!!!!

It's FRIDAY AGAIN!!!  Hard to believe, for some reason this week flew right past me. I'm so excited to bring you a NEW product!!! The Kindle or Nook Cover!!!!!! LOVE! You can purchase it here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Amy Butler and Michael Miller fabrics on this piece LOVE LOVE Do you LOVE too?  Go get it here I'm so in love with these covers!!! They are padded with 1/4" foam to protect your Kindle or Nook e-Reader and secured with an elastic and color coordinated button. If you have a Sony e-Reader, please let me know and I will make one up for you.  No problem-o!!! {it would fit in this one, but it'd be a bit big for the Sony}   Hope you all like em.   xo Tara … [Read more...]

My first photo post …

So, this, my friends, is my first photo EVER to be loaded to my blog ... I feel like I've come so far since last week!  The 'geek' in me has surfaced ... watch out! I have loved Amy Butler fabric since the first time I set foot in a quilt shop, which was a long time ago.  I use her fabrics in just about every thing I make.  Her designs are amazing and the fabric is such great quality, I feel my customers deserve that (and like it too). … [Read more...]