Succulents don’t die easy!

If you’re like me, I don’t have a great rep with plants.  They seem to want to leave my house screaming when I bring them through our doors.

Well, I’ve outsmarted them!!!



I love greenery to add to my home, but I always kill the gorgeous plants before long, so now I’m so happy to have found the answer!!  The heavens have opened up, friends!!

 Let me tell you, they are the easiest plants to keep!  They like to be watered every once in awhile.  They have a hard time dying!

Succulents are the BEST!

Succulents don’t cost a whole lot.

You can buy succulents at any plant shop or home hardware store.

Succulents RULE!!

With winter on the way, these puppies survive INSIDE!!!


I simply buy my pots at Goodwill.  {I’m kinda cheap that way!  and there are some awesome pots there!}

The potting soil from a local hardware store.

And the Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix, I got at our local plant store.  Throw it all together and you get your magnificently beautiful green creation that will have a hard time dying!  If you forget to water your plants, oh well!  They’ll still be there for ya!  They don’t like lots of water!


Oh, and the greatest part of this is that my kids like to help me choose the plants, the pots, and the plant them as well.  We sometimes make Fairy Gardens with white pebbles and little fairies {you can purchase at a craft shop}.

I hope you give succulents a try if you’ve been ‘plant challenged’ like me.


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  1. I love the little spot of green they make. I pretty much usually have a brown thumb, though I’ve never tried succulents. Great tip on looking for containers at the thrift store!

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