Daily Craft TV

IT'S HERE!!!!! It's online ready for viewing!!! What is it? Remember a few months ago, I shared that I went to the studio to tape a few instructional sewing shows? Well, I JUST found one of them up and available on Daily Craft TV!!!! WOOT!!!!!! WOW!!!! It's actually the first time I've seen myself ... doing an instructional video ... I look scared at the beginning ... haha!!!! But then we start talking about sewing and I'm fine again. This one is teaching about applique.  With Daily Craft TV, there'll be another one that teaches you how to make a makeup bag.  Oh, I cannot wait to see how they all turn out. I also filmed 2 more instructional sewing videos with another company. So, … [Read more...]

Sewing DVD Series Taping

How lucky am I? I feel so happy and in my element to be at the studio again taping more Sewing DVD instructional videos! I was recently there taping for Daily Craft TV, you can read the post and see pictures from it here.  And that was a LOT of fun! But this time, it was a bit different.  Notice how I'm solo mijo ... that was it, just me and 3 cameras! YIKES!!! After the first few takes, I got my groove on and knocked two segments out! I did one on picture wall hangings and how to choose fabrics ... and much more, but I can't go in to too much detail. And, I did another on how to make this adorable pillow cover ... Don't you just LOVE it!!!  I do!! I talk about where to find … [Read more...]

Craft Projects on Daily Craft TV

I had the pleasure of going to the Sew News studios and taping 2 one hour segments for Daily Craft TV!!! It was so great to have hair and make up done once again!  It's always so nice to not have to do it yourself!  Sorry for the grainy picture ... iPhone snapshot ... I got to tape with Nikki of Sew News, she was a great host and kept things moving along smoothly.  Isn't she a doll!  I think next time, I'll wear heels!  And we'll take the picture together at the BEGINNING of the shoot so I'm fresh!  Talking all day took a lot out of me ... who knew that could be possible???!!! An hour is a LONG time to tape without many cuts!!!  We pretty much tape the whole segment continuously, so … [Read more...]

My Studio has New Light!

Pin It I have wanted to get rid of this UGLY UGLY ceiling fan light since we moved in.  I love ceiling fans but this one was an eye sore! I mean, come on ... it really has no business in being in this creative space, right! It will be replaced by this sorry looking piece ... But, don't be fooled!!!! BEHOLD!!!! My 3 men installed this LOVELY chandelier for me on Valentine's Day!  What a GREAT present! I cannot tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.IT!!!! Isn't she pretty? I LOVE walking by my studio and looking on this $20 GOODWILL thrift store find!  And I didn't even have to do a thing to it!  BONUS! It gives perfect light to my studio and I love being in there even … [Read more...]

IKEA Clock Revamp!

You may recall a few weeks ago, a couple local crafty Denver bloggers and I got together at our NEW IKEA for a little meet up.  Being the crafty gals that we are, we decided to have a little fun and revamp an IKEA clock. Pretty much a blank canvas if you will, see below, a white plastic IKEA clock just begging to be revamped! Well, today is the day that we reveal our clocks on our blogs!!! I can't wait to see the other gals' clocks {they are so CRAFTY, I can only imagine what they have come up with!} It started out this way.... Then I got a roll and ... Wah-la! Perfect for my studio, what do you think? So pretty {moms of boys all know we gals need a little pretty in our … [Read more...]

Tutorial Tuesday ~ Make an EASY and CUTE Paper Plate Sign

A Cheap and EASY Craft Show Sign So, with pretty much anything in my life, I did my craft show booth on a budget.  This great opportunity just kind of presented itself suddenly and I needed a way to make it work without spending a lot of money.  I knew how I wanted it to look ... I wanted it to look fresh and pretty.  But again, there wasn't a lot of money to be spent in doing this.  So I got crafty with it and here is what I came up with for a sign. What you'll need for this tutorial: Glue {glue gun or E6000}Paper platesWooden lettersSpray paint1x2 wood {scrap wood}Saw I started by spray painting both the paper plates and the letters{I don't have the spray painted letters in action, … [Read more...]

Canvas And Corkscrews … and a Goodwill Outfit

My girlfriend and I have discovered an outing we love to do together. Canvas and Corkscrews. Paint and drink wine. Goes hand and hand! :) I posted on this a couple months ago when we went for the first time.  We had a great experience!  We just went this past weekend and we go again on Wednesday night!! ********* But I also wanted to show you my sweet Goodwill outfit I wore as well... I think it cost me maybe $12.00 Blouse:  Ann Taylor LoftSkirt:  Christopher BanksBelt:  GapShoes:  Antonio Melani Great outfit, no?I felt so artsy fartsy in it!!!*************** At Canvas and Corkscrews, the painting instructor walks you through the painting from start to finish.  The great thing … [Read more...]