Sports Organizers – Team Snap

I wanted to share this with you.  Like immediately... I am seriously in awe of this sports organizer app!!!!!!!!! TeamSnap My oldest's hockey team is using this and JUST shared it with the team, which is how I JUST learned of it. Like I said, I literally JUST got this in my email and  have yet to use it, but I KNOW it's going to assist in organizing both boys' teams, games, practices, locations, etc. Use the Team Snap app on the phone, computer, tablet ... watch the video and visit their website to learn more on how it can be of value to your child's team.  Watch the video to learn what Team Snap can do for you and your sanity!! Lord knows we need all the darn help we can get.  I am … [Read more...]

Bodybuilding after having a baby

During my journey, I have really thought about how I've designed my path. How did I get to where I am? What did I do to get here? Where have I been? I'm a FIRM believer in the power of the written word. It's a form of 'putting it out there' to the universe.  Of course, writing my goals down within a reasonable and attainable range is ideal.  Although, I'm sure if I wrote down that I would like to own a Million Dollar Company, it just might happen. hmmm ... I think I have a task tonight ... ****** This is something that I wrote over 25 years ago. I was in the 5th grade and our assignment was to write a letter to a penpal from a foreign country.  Great project, right ... But before … [Read more...]

What we did this weekend – Painting, Train Rides, and Baseball!

There has been so much going on... Oh, where do I start? Well, during the week I painted our living room shelves WHITE!  And I LOVE them!  My mom might not as she LOVES the oh natural wood, but I couldn't take it anymore.  Our house we bought is beautiful and nice, but the wood that is EVERYWHERE is overwhelming to me.  So, we've been here for a few years now ... and I'm ready to finally make it ours. Before After {almost} So, yeah, I have a few more things to do with it, like add shelves amongst others... Moving on.... Our oldest had his FIRST baseball game!  So very exciting for our little family.  Knowing that this will be our lives for the years to come is so satisfying and … [Read more...]