Sports Organizers – Team Snap

I wanted to share this with you.  Like immediately…

I am seriously in awe of this sports organizer app!!!!!!!!!


My oldest’s hockey team is using this and JUST shared it with the team, which is how I JUST learned of it.

Like I said, I literally JUST got this in my email and  have yet to use it, but I KNOW it’s going to assist in organizing both boys’ teams, games, practices, locations, etc.

Use the Team Snap app on the phone, computer, tablet … watch the video and visit their website to learn more on how it can be of value to your child’s team.  Watch the video to learn what Team Snap can do for you and your sanity!!

Lord knows we need all the darn help we can get.  I am so all about making life easier as it seems to get busier and busier no matter how hard I try to slow it down.

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