SNAP! The Conference, A Teeny Tiny Little Glimpse…

Was just amazing, of course!  I had no doubt in my mind that this Creative Conference would anything but a success!

When you get the names like House of Smiths, Blue Cricket Design, Tatertots and Jello, Crap I’ve Made, Today’s Creative Blog, and so many more, you can’t help but just KNOW that it’s going to rock!!!!  There was a lot of networking and a bunch of learning for 3 whole days that left most of us exhausted.  But knowing what we know now, we know that it was well worth the late nights and early mornings!

Oh my goodness!!!!

There was a whole lot of tweeting ….

house of smiths, tatertots and jello

Shelley from the House of Smiths and Jen from Tatertots and Jello were busy tweeting as fast as their little fingers could type!

snap conference

Shannon from Sassy Lemonade and Jacqui from Craftee Mcgee busy tweeting about dinner I’m sure!

We got to visit our friends that we’ve met in the past.  We got to meet our online friends that we’ve never met in real life, but have ‘known’ online for awhile.  We got to meet new friends and discover more blogs and talent!  It really was fun!  I’m, of course, going to have more pictures and posts to follow {you can count on it!}.

We learned from a number of people in the industry about SEO, power tools, how to get a book deal, about Facebook Apps, and so much more!  Tauni, the founder of SNAP!, really brought out the big guns and knocked the ball out the park.  She had a high calibre of speakers and resources for all attendees.  Truly an amazing place to be if you’re a blogger.

It didn’t matter what kind of blogger you were, it appealed to a lot of different genres of talent.  DIY, fashion, crafting, quilting/sewing … to name a few.

Thanksgiving Point, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, was where the even was held.

thanksgiving point

This place is so dreamy.  I’m going to do a whole blog post on this {I got some great pictures}.  But, I wanted to say that it was a great venue to house this event.  They met our needs and exceeded my expectations by far. The food was great, the accommodations were right there, and the land was so gorgeous with tulips and colorful flowers scattered throughout the grounds.  Like I said, I’ll do a whole post on just the scenery we were surrounded by shortly.

 Okay, time to get back to work!  This whole full time work gig is really cutting in to my blogging and time spent with you!  LOL!
Please be patient and know that I’m thinking of you while I’m working!!!!
xo Tara


  1. Wasn’t it Fabulous! There was a lot of Tweeting going on.

    It was Great to finally meet you, you are Truly an Amazing Gal.

    Love your Recap!!


    • Hey Shannon! Thanks so much! It was really great to meet you too! I’m wearing my camera necklace right now and I wore my other one yesterday! They are getting a lot of use already!
      xo Tara

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