SNAP! Conference – Blog To Book Recap

There were so many wonderful classes to take at SNAP!  Some groups divided and conquered, but some didn’t and so that is why I’m posting my notes that I took.  I’ll be posting them throughout the next few days through to next week along with photos I took as well.  I have enough photos and content on the SNAP Conference that I could probably have posts for the next month!

The first session I’m sharing is Blog to Book, but first check out this CAKE!!!!!

IMG 6938 SNAP! Conference   Blog To Book RecapAshlee from Topsy Turvy made this AH-MAZING cake for the welcome dinner!

IMG 6940 SNAP! Conference   Blog To Book Recap Isn’t it gorgeous!!!  I love all the layers and the eye catching designs on each piece!  YUMMAY!

Blog To Book session Notes:

Courtney  Dial {} was found by a publisher on Twitter!

SIDE NOTE:  Courtney is coming to DENVER!!!  May 5, Cinco De Mayo!!!  She’ll be signing her new book, Push-up Pops at Swoozies at 2pm.  See more info here

“Appeal to everyone.  Even if it doesn’t appeal to you, make something appeal to everyone.”

You are responsible for selling the book really.  It’s a partnership.

Promote your book with book tours, blogs, and social media.

Twitter is used more for brands for Courtney.  She uses it a lot to connect with them than on any other social media outlet.

Make and Takes – Marie LeBaron

Knew that this was she wanted to do as a business.  Started out blogging, but wanted to have a book as well.  Learn about Marie on her website Make and Takes

Her blog grew and found more and more people liking her craft posts for kids.

Researched starting in 2008 about how to write a book, look up publishers, literary agent, etc.  Ebooks is an option.  If it’s something you want to do, go get it and do it.

You will find the right literary agent, not always a match at first.

Proposal: who you are, how are you going to market, why it needs to be out there, etc.

Just talk to the publishers.  Ask preference whether to mail or email your proposal.

Have a lawyer that specializes in entertainment/books

You get an advance in the beginning, then you get royalties. {$5,000-$13,000 is generally the ballpark advance}

Royalties come twice a year … it’s about 6%.

Writing a book is not a money maker, it’s an authority.  Great to have behind your name if you want to speak at conferences, etc.

Photography very important.  You can contract who you want for your photographer and work it out with your publisher.

email her, she’s is so willing to help, “I’m an open book” …

It doesn’t really matter if you have a big or small blog … bloggers are kind of already ‘in’ when doing a book deal.

Pimp yourself out!!  LOL!  BRAG about yourself!!!  List every single brand you’ve worked with.  Talk about your presence!  Put yourself out there!

Agents usually take about 15% of your income.  They can really help you with connections, advice, contracts.  They are good to have in your court.

Betty Wong, Senior editor for Potter Craft@crafternews on twitter

What does a publisher do for you?

The book process …. Book proposal ->Negotiations -> Book Deal

Manuscript and Art-> Editorial Process Layout and Design-> Production and Printing->

Sales, Marketing and Publicity —–> It’s a BOOK!

Make sure your proposal reflects YOU!  It can be upwards of 8-9 pages.

Agent can help you with your proposal, but not necessary.

Send some pics of what you’ve done, but then some ideas of what else you’d like the book to include.

“When we get a proposal that we like, we will make you an offer with an advance and a royalty idea.  We make a huge financial investment in every book we publish.  There is a back and forth, settle, and go forward with the actual book writing process.”

Marketing:  we do expect our authors to be great self promoters…

We pay bookstores to have your book out on tables per month.  We do push your book a lot!  Random House reaches up towards 20 MILLION people with our social media accounts.




Trade shows and events

Social media

TV and Radio

If you send a proposal and it’s not quite what they want, you most likely get feedback as to how to make it better.

 The End … Now, Get to WORK!!!  You have a lot to do!

IMG 6941 SNAP! Conference   Blog To Book Recap

More cake eye candy from Ashlee {aka Topsy Turvy}

IMG 6930 682x1024 SNAP! Conference   Blog To Book Recap
The Barn we ate in and SHOPPED in for the Queen Bee Market

 I think I’ll post about the Queen Bee Market next

{plus a bunch of notes from another information FILLED session}

Be sure to check out my recap posts on Creative Collaboration and Facebook Apps!!!!

xo Tara

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  1. Awwww Thanks for the love!!! I’m glad you liked the cake, it was SUPER fun to create (and I enjoyed the blog to book class too!)


  2. Victoria @obSEUSSed says:

    You took amazing notes at SNAP. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. It was great to finally meet you there. Wish we had more time to chat. It was a packed schedule. Your pics are wonderful too. I saw you post some on Pinterest and popped over. Now I’m going to browse through your other posts.


    Tara Reply:

    Thanks, Victoria! I wished we could’ve had more time to hang out too! It was so GREAT to meet you since I pin the heck out of you all the time … LOL!!! I hope my notes help!!


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