Sleep Problems? Try the Sleep Fairy for your kiddos!

Some nights are hard for my boys to go to bed.

{hold me! and grab me a glass of wine} 

Some nights make me want to scream!

{tell me I’m not alone}

A pediatric occupational therapist gave me this ah-mazing idea.  She actually did it with her kiddos.

Meet …


Oh, she’s the sweetest fairy!!

She does THIS!!

Sleep problems for your kids?  Try the Sleep Fairy!!  She

She leaves the boys notes to tell them what she saw at their bedtime.  She is encouraging and provides ‘incentives’ for them for good behavior at bedtime.  She is real to the boys which is awesome.  The funny {and somewhat common} thing about this situation is that they’d rather IMPRESS and LISTEN to her!

But, oh, no, not me … why would they listen to their mom?  Because I’m their mom … that’s why!

What they don’t know is that I’m ALSO the SLEEP FAIRY!!!!

{What they don’t know won’t hurt, right?}

The key that worked for me is the Sleep Fairy notes were relatable to their behavior and their actions.  So, they really do believe she’s watching them!

She sometimes would leave little gifts for them with her note for them to wake up to in the morning.  They knew that if they listened and behaved, they would wake up to a little surprise.

Sometimes, she would leave her initial note telling them that if they went to bed on time and behaved at bedtime for several nights in a row, she would bring them a ‘big’ prize.  They love LEGO, so that was a big hit and worked like a charm!

Her notes would relate to their Elf on the Shelf, Speedy, or to the tooth fairy if one of them had recently lost or was about to lose a tooth.  These are tales they believe in.

Here’s an example of a letter the Sleep Fairy left one night for the boys.

Hey Rex Brothers!!

How have you been??

{Santa} has been watching you and he sent {Speedy} to find me.

He noticed that you haven’t been going to sleep on time. 

So, I’m here to get you back on track, boys!!

Let’s show {Santa} and your Mom and Dad how well you boys can go to sleep!

I’m very excited to be back visiting you!


 So, hey, go with what you know works for you kids!

It’s a good day when your kids are happy and getting along with eachother AND with you.  Behaving because they got enough sleep, what a concept!

Need some help getting your kids to bed?  Try the Sleep Fairy, she works!I’d love to hear how this works for you and your little peeps at bedtime!

I’d also love to hear what you do that has worked for your kids at bedtime!  It could help another family not reach for the bottle or want to pull their hair out at nighttime!

We need all the help we can get sometimes!

So, go ahead and share away!!!

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