Our Front Room Shelves Makeover ~ and some Goodwill Finds

A few weeks ago, I posted about painting these shelves

Well, now they are all put back and have all the usual stuff put back on them

You wanna see?

Sure, come on in…

The full view

Left side

I love these two turquoise-y blue pieces, don’t you?

For one, the colors and the shapes are amazing

And two, you guessed, I got them from GOODWILL!


How about we hop over to the other side…

Right side

What do we have over here?

If you notice on each, there are those great lime green storage boxes.

Yep, Goodwill … $3.00 for BOTH of them {1/2 off sale day}

There are some photos and a bit of Raku Pottery I made a few years ago

I love this piece.

One thing to know about Raku is that you can’t put water in these vases.

They aren’t sealed like the fired pottery we are used to seeing.

Another piece

{amazing that these survived the move!}


What do you think?

Do you like the transformation from this ….

DIY Update your home instantly by painting your built in shelvesTo this….


When you paint your shelves, you home is given an instant facelift.  It isn’t hard to do and it is certainly worth it if you are looking to update you home.

Since this post was done, I have painted the brass on the fireplace.  Click here to learn how to do this in under 30 minutes!!


  1. Love what you did here and those sage green boxes are my favorite!!!

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