I Shaved my Head

Yes, it’s so very very true!  My shoulder length, thick but fine, soft, dark hair is gone.  I shaved my head to raise money for Children’s Cancer research through the St Baldricks Foundation.   The Fado Pub location raised over $415,000 by 600 participants!  That is crazy!

Here is a picture of me and my hair Friday morning…

IMG 9945 I Shaved my Head And here is one from yesterday…

1622660 10151955589597694 689367247 n I Shaved my HeadIt was such an emotional experience.  Very liberating mostly.  Would I do it again?  Definitely.  Will I do it next year?  Not sure about that right now.  I say that not because of the experience but because I might want to grow my hair.  Will I do it in the future?  Most likely.

I have never really put much thought in to shaving my head in the past until recently.  There was a sick kiddo who attended our school who was the cutest and strongest little person.  It struck a nerve with me and I thought, wouldn’t it something to raise money for a cause to help little people like this kiddo.  This is the journey I was willingly led on.

My Gramma had lost her hair due cancer treatment years ago and I have thought to myself, why didn’t I do it when she was so sick and still here?  My answer: because I wasn’t ready.  I was vain with my look that my hair provided me.  I had just gotten married when her cancer journey started and then was pregnant with my oldest when her cancer journey ended.  I just simply wasn’t ready.

I wouldn’t say I have regrets, as I was able to communicate and see her as much as I could living in another country.  She never expected anyone to shave their head in support of her.  But, I guess I wished I would have.  Hind sight is always there.  My Gramma would love the notion of me shaving my head for a purpose to help sick kids.

Given this opportunity to raise money for childhood cancer research was a  wonderful conduit to doing something that I was now ready to do.  Would I have gone to my hairdresser and asked to just shave my hair off?  No.  So this was a great way to give and support a much needed and important foundation.

I have a choice.  These little people do not.  It’s supportive for them to see how many people recognize them and want to make a difference in their life. Perhaps not directly but through a foundation that raises money to support research to end childhood cancer.

It warms my heart to see so many bald heads around the events every year.  Some do it annually, some do it once.  Either way, they have made a difference.  The donations they collected from friends, family, and strangers make a difference.  So important.

Here are some other pics you might enjoy of my wiggeroo … that probably won’t be worn much if at all.  Some pictures during the event that friends took and more.

IMG 9890 I Shaved my HeadThis is during the event.  Eric Reamer of a local Denver radio talk show, Experience Pros, was part of my team.  What a great guy … it took them longer to put my hair in ponytails than it did to shave his head.  LOL!

1926761 10203464383798332 1791860623 n I Shaved my HeadHere they are, my 3 ponies.  Not long enough to donate to Locks of Love, but nice to have.  It’ll be interesting to feel the before and after if the texture and/or color changes when it grows back.

IMG 9957 I Shaved my HeadSome of my posse!  I know what real friendship and support means.  I have the BEST friends in the world, truly.  Their love got me through.  As my head was being shaved, I would look in to the crowd and see their smiling faces and know that this was the right thing to do and they supported me all the way.  My heart is so full and I still tear up thinking about how special they made me feel by showing up.  By taking time from their families, coming all the way down town on a Friday night to be there.  Simply the best.  Oh, and not to mention my friends and family who contributed their hard earned money as well.  I know that some of them would’ve loved to have been in town for the event, they sent their wishes throughout the day.  It was so nice to receive random texts and phone calls leading up to the evening.

1904037 588516124571393 1677315828 n I Shaved my HeadWhat can I say about this lady.  She was my first friend when we relocated to Denver.  She is smart, she is beautiful, and she is stinkin’ talented.  I just love her, that is all.  Farrah Jobling Photography … you need to check her out but prepare to say ‘awwwww’ and ‘she’s so good’ a LOT!  She took some pictures to document this event … I’ll share them with you when she shares them with me 😉

oh, yes, that’s a BEER truck, eh!!! {Strange Brew}

IMG 9951 I Shaved my HeadAnd I’ll leave you with this last photo.  One of my BFF’s bought this for my newly shaved dome.  I have always loved the Colorado flag and the toques {Canadian term for beanies} that have the ‘C’.  She thought ahead so much to order from Etsy and have it for the big day.  See what I’m saying, the BEST friends a girl could have.

1948040 10151954867267694 344974021 n I Shaved my Head

Thank you, every single one of you!

Oh, there might be a video of the event.  I just have to make the time to edit and cut it down a bit….



  1. You are so wonderful and so brave. Such a big heart and gorgeous smile. :)
    Lisa recently posted..Miguel’s Missionary MomentMy Profile

  2. You rock ! I wished I had thought of that when my Dad, had brain cancer. I think that was hardest part for him to lose what little hair bhe did have. I have cancer now and if I lose my hair I think I am prepared as I have always had very short hair. Again thanks for all the support you are giving to the little girl and every one else.

    • Cheryl, I am so sorry. Cancer is such a horrible disease that affects way too many of us. I am sure you will rock your look. I realize whole heartedly that it is different when you have a choice and when you do not. Please take care, Cheryl. My thoughts are with you!!! xo

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