Sewing Tutorials in Sew It All magazine

The day has finally come where I can say that “I’m published in a magazine”!  I wrote 2 sewing tutorials in Sew It All magazine ready to hit newsstands any day now.  What an exciting moment to open up a magazine and see your products and tutorial right there!

They recently had me as a guest on Sew It All TV, the episode is 501, and I’m not sure it has come out yet.  PBS is the station is airs on, but in the meantime you can read about my day there in the Sew It All studio.

Here’s the Sew It All magazine cover {so you know what to look for}…

The first sewing tutorial is my card holders …

I love how they titled it ‘Card Shark’!!  Given that I was *this* close to going on Shark Tank!!  Read about it here

Here’s the next tutorial on my bracelet cuffs…

I think I should add some of these bracelet cuffs to the shop, don’t you?  They are sew cute!!! … not to mention fun to make!

I always thought I’d be published in a nursing journal or something.  This is much more fun and my speed.  Thank you for being a part of my journey and all of your support and cheerleading.  You have no idea how much your support carries me.

xo Tara

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