DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

I’m going to share a fun and quick DIY Pillow Case Tutorial using my favorite tool, the Circular Rotary Cutting tool.  This puppy is so handy to have if you cut a lot of circles!!  It cuts perfect circles and can handle multiple layers easily!  No more sitting there with your scissors trying to cut the perfect circle shape!! We’re going to make a creative applique of colorful flowers and will utilize the free motion stitch on the sewing machine!! Ready? You'll need: Circular Rotary Cutting Tool Rotary Cutting Tool Long ruler Various fabric scraps for circles and leaves Sewing machine Free Motion machine foot Colorful thread (or white) Fabric rectangles for main pillow case (38" … [Read more...]

Memory Quilt

Make a Memory Quilt

I was so honored to be asked to create this memory quilt of a former colleague's friend who lost her Grandpa. She sent the box of Grandpa's shirts for me to use and I could've sworn I was opening a box of my very own Grampa's shirts.  The western button/snap up plaid shirts that I'm sure you've seen.  Bestill my beating heart. I looked and looked at them making sure I got the perfect inspiration so I didn't mess this up. What did I do? I cut them in 12.5" squares. BUT, the BEST part about some of those squares ... I made sure to get the left side of the fronts of the shirts. I wanted to have the pocket that layed over his heart all over the quilt. Memory quilts are so emotional … [Read more...]

DIY Snowman Decoration

easy diy snowman tutorial

It’s really a project that will be all you!  Your color choices, the shapes you cut your strips in to, how you arrange them; it will be YOUR own funky creation!  I’m simply here to guide you along. You’ll need: Background fabric {appox 12″ x 18-20″} Backing fabric {approx 14″ x 20-22″} Scrap fabrics {white and black} Sewing Machine Iron Fabric Glue Stick Interfacing Free Motion foot Circular Rotary Cutter {sold at Joann or online} To assemble: First you want a mostly solid rectangle piece of fabric.  I say mostly solid as you may want a fabric with some dimension with a non-contrast color such as the turquoise on turquoise sky or white on white fabric I’m using … [Read more...]

Easy Christmas Applique Towels

Easy DIY Christmas sewing decoration tutorial

In keeping with the Christmas crafting, here's an easy Christmas Applique Towel tutorial for you to make for gifts or for your own home. Christmas up your guest bath with these pretties! You'll need: Hand towel and/or washcloth Fabric scraps RicRac or Fun Yarn Wonder Under or Heatbond Sewing machine Scissors Iron Non stick Pressing cloth {teflon or Applique pressing sheet} ***** First, you'll want to choose some fun fabric scraps from your stash. Place them on top of the Wonder Under with right side up.  Iron to adhere. NOTE:  If your piece is smaller than the wonder under, you may want to use a {teflon} ironing sheet to protect your iron.  Once the iron hits the wonder … [Read more...]

Holiday Bake, Craft, Sew-Along (HUGE giveaway!)

taradara christmas tree wall hanging decoration

I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting today for the Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along. I've sewn and teach you how to sew this funky Christmas Tree decoration Dust your sewing machine off and create with me!  This is a super killer easy project that won't take you long at all AND you'll have FUN creating it! I get to treat you to a SEW Amazing giveaway as part of our crafty series. This is one AMAZING giveaway! We are giving away a fabulous Prize Package worth more than $1000! One lucky winner will receive... $600 JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores This will get your sewing room stocked and ready to create! Can you imagine? Singer Professional Serger This singer … [Read more...]

Daily Craft TV

Taradara is on Daily Craft TV teaching about sewing applique techniques!!

IT'S HERE!!!!! It's online ready for viewing!!! What is it? Remember a few months ago, I shared that I went to the studio to tape a few instructional sewing shows? Well, I JUST found one of them up and available on Daily Craft TV!!!! WOOT!!!!!! WOW!!!! It's actually the first time I've seen myself ... doing an instructional video ... I look scared at the beginning ... haha!!!! But then we start talking about sewing and I'm fine again. This one is teaching about applique.  With Daily Craft TV, there'll be another one that teaches you how to make a makeup bag.  Oh, I cannot wait to see how they all turn out. I also filmed 2 more instructional sewing videos with another company. So, … [Read more...]

Over at The Sewing Loft

The Sewing Loft has an amazing Sewing Series in honor of National Sewing Month

Hey friends! I'm so pleased to be sharing a sewing tutorial in honor of National Sewing Month over at The Sewing Loft.  For those visiting from The Sewing Loft, welcome!!! My friend, Heather, has a whole month long series introducing new tools and/or tutorials that her sewing and creative friends are sharing.  I'm learning a lot already! Please go check out the line up of crazy talent she has in store for you! You can also learn how to make this fun pillowcase and use a tool that might be new to you! {it may look like an owl to you ... it does to me.  However, I thought it was cute as it ties in with Heather's new Owl backpack pattern that was recently released by Simplicity} xo … [Read more...]

Sewing DVD Series Taping

Sewing DVD instructional video series

How lucky am I? I feel so happy and in my element to be at the studio again taping more Sewing DVD instructional videos! I was recently there taping for Daily Craft TV, you can read the post and see pictures from it here.  And that was a LOT of fun! But this time, it was a bit different.  Notice how I'm solo mijo ... that was it, just me and 3 cameras! YIKES!!! After the first few takes, I got my groove on and knocked two segments out! I did one on picture wall hangings and how to choose fabrics ... and much more, but I can't go in to too much detail. And, I did another on how to make this adorable pillow cover ... Don't you just LOVE it!!!  I do!! I talk about where to find … [Read more...]

Craft Projects on Daily Craft TV

Craft projects on Daily Craft TV

I had the pleasure of going to the Sew News studios and taping 2 one hour segments for Daily Craft TV!!! It was so great to have hair and make up done once again!  It's always so nice to not have to do it yourself!  Sorry for the grainy picture ... iPhone snapshot ... I got to tape with Nikki of Sew News, she was a great host and kept things moving along smoothly.  Isn't she a doll!  I think next time, I'll wear heels!  And we'll take the picture together at the BEGINNING of the shoot so I'm fresh!  Talking all day took a lot out of me ... who knew that could be possible???!!! An hour is a LONG time to tape without many cuts!!!  We pretty much tape the whole segment continuously, so … [Read more...]

Sewing Tutorials in Sew It All magazine

Check out Sew It All magazine this month, Taradara is in it with 2 sewing tutorials

The day has finally come where I can say that "I'm published in a magazine"!  I wrote 2 sewing tutorials in Sew It All magazine ready to hit newsstands any day now.  What an exciting moment to open up a magazine and see your products and tutorial right there! They recently had me as a guest on Sew It All TV, the episode is 501, and I'm not sure it has come out yet.  PBS is the station is airs on, but in the meantime you can read about my day there in the Sew It All studio. Here's the Sew It All magazine cover {so you know what to look for}... The first sewing tutorial is my card holders ... I love how they titled it 'Card Shark'!!  Given that I was *this* close to going on Shark … [Read more...]