How to Add Patina to Anything

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina finish is surprisingly simple to use!  You can use it on pretty much anything. I have this old chest that we were given years ago.  It stayed the way we got it for years because I hadn’t gotten inspiration on how to paint it.  Fast forward to now when I was offered an opportunity to try out the Modern Masters Metal Effects finish.  There may be quite a few furniture pieces in our house to have tried this paint technique on, but this chest won!  I wanted to try it on the chest mostly because it has a floral embossed type texture to it.  So, I wanted to experiment with the Metal Effects painting technique to see what outcome I’d have.  As per the Modern … [Read more...]

Kitchen Update – Mosiac Installation

My kitchen is slowwwwwly coming together.  I think this is probably longest Kitchen Remodel EVER!!!!  But, that's how it goes when you have kids, a job, football, baseball, life ... Totally okay with it though because check this out ... I was so happy to finally finish my island recently!  I wanted to finish it before my birthday party (I turned 29 AGAIN for the 11th time ... shhhhh) So here are a few iPhone pictures of the progress from start to finish {well, I used my good camera for the final photos} ... I started by laying the 1" x 1" tiles out ... important to lay them out prior to gluing them ... trust me! You can see a little bit how my brain works ... well, maybe not ... … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for a Craft Show – with the help of Craigslist

Anything can be possible when you're resourceful and check with Craigslist.  Perhaps we are just lucky here in the Denver metro area with our Craigslist activity as I find so much for free or for next to very little cost like this $25 dining room hutch. I was asked to attend the Jazz on 2nd Festival in Niwot to sell my wares.  Not planning on selling at any shows during the summer, I wasn't, let's say, prepared. So, I've been a bit busy trying to get everything ready and together making sure I have enough of everything. I've been trying to think of how I'm going to set up my booth so it's not just a lonely looking table.  I want it to be interesting and inviting and colorful.  However, I … [Read more...]

Update to my Mod Podge Dresser

I have finally COMPLETED this dresser! Here is a link on how to mod podge maps to this dresser. Our son is so excited to have it in his room AT LAST! Here it is when we got it: Well, minus the drawers, but I of course didn't take a picture of it all together. Here it is during: Using some maps that I aged with burning the edges and Mod Podge, I covered the fronts of all the dresser drawers.  This Mod Podge dresser is gettin' worked!!! And here we have the final project IN the boy's room and everything! Don't you love the aged look that the paint added to the Mod Podge created for this dresser. So to finish it, I went over it with another coat of Mod Podge that I tinted … [Read more...]

Thrifted Dresser Makeover: Mod Podge and Maps … and a dresser!

Buy a thrifted dresser and refinish it! So our youngest is getting the age to where he can dress himself.   The Problem:  The dresser he has is hard to open and close the drawers {even for me sometimes}. The Solution:  Buy dresser off of Craigslist for $20 and paint it just for him. So, I'm sure you've been dying to learn how to put maps on a dresser, right?   {well, you can use any paper} Well, here's a little tutorial for ya! Scuff it up a bit Here are the drawers scuffed up and ready to go {I didn't bother to prime it.  You can certainly prime it though} Spray paint the body thoroughly and the drawers just on the edges and anywhere where you're not going to cover with the … [Read more...]

How to Paint Brass light fixtures – and update any room

... without breaking the bank! We've lived in this house for over a year and I wake up and go in to my bathroom, I think to myself, "I really need to do something with that light." I hate it, hate it, hate it!!! It was the style I guess when the house was built in the early 90's. So, not having a lot of expendable cash on hand, I knew I needed to paint them. And plus, being able to up-cycle makes me feel good knowing I'm doing my part to keep this stuff out of the landfills. For those that know me, SURPRISE!!  ME, PAINT SOMETHING, NOOOOOO!!!! Well, here's eye sore  before {hope I'm hurting anyone's feelings, but brass is not my style}: How to paint brass light … [Read more...]

Side table makeover

This puppy was FREE!  Yup, F.R.E.E!!!!  I got it and another piece off of Craigslist for free!  It does not get better than that! The lady didn't want to take it to the dump and pay to get rid of it, so I was all too happy to take the pieces off her hands! So, again, I scuffed it up a bit with some fine-ish grit sandpaper.  Primed it and painted it with some oops paint. I tried a new thing for me with this piece though!  I Mod-Podged it this time.  I had never ventured this way with furniture in the past, but I think it turned out pretty good.  I just used some scrapbooking paper I had on hand and slapped it on there ... so it's not perfect, but I like it. It adds color and … [Read more...]