Reebok Hockey Bag Review

Our boys are in hockey and we bought them Reebok Hockey bags for all their gear.

See my video for a review of this  Reebok 10K hockey bag.

Reebok 10k Hockey Bag Review

Let’s just say we bought new ones.

There were a few things I liked, but not enough to keep them.  It really bothers me as we spent over $100 for each bag and they didn’t even make it one season.  I really liked the size of the bag and the handle.  I liked that I could pick it up with ease and but in my SUV.  But there are more things that went wrong with the bag than not.  At first I thought it was just us, then I took a look around the hockey rink and started asking the player’s parents about what they thought about the same bag.  Sure enough, they showed the same zippers being broken and the stuff falling out.

 Hockey is an expensive sport.

And to have a bag that you spend lots of money because you think it’s going to be good and sturdy that turns out not to be is so disappointing.  We did purchase a different Reebok hockey bag for each boy so we will see how they hold up.

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