Mobile Auto Detailing in Denver

What would be a wonderful gift to give to a dad who is so hard to buy for or who has everything on Father’s Day?  I know of one thing ... A Mobile Auto Detailing!!!! And I’m giving one away!!!  (You must scroll to the bottom to enter, I promise there’s entertainment all the way down) Seriously, why haven’t I thought of this before?  My husband would love to get this for a gift any time, not just for Father’s Day ... just sayin.... I had an amazing (Mother’s Day) gift presented to me by Carspa Denver.  They provided me a mobile car detailing package for my Yukon which knocked my socks off!  My vehicle is well used and abused.  There is no question that my Yukon needed a serious … [Read more...]

Pond Hockey

If you listen to the NHL players, their fondest memories of growing up playing hockey is playing pond hockey. We have 2 boys who play hockey and LOVE playing on the pond.  The wonderful thing about pond hockey is that there are no rules, no refs, no coaches ... just putting on the skates, grabbing a stick, and throwing a helmet on.  Chasing the puck end to end, side to side, having a few breaks to sip on some hot cocoa, and going back at it. My husband made some pond hockey goal nets and the boys painted them with the colors of their choice. These boys played pond hockey in the most authentic setting ... it was New Years Day, the snow was falling, and they played for over 3 hours … [Read more...]

Hockey Power Skating Drill with Jon MacWilliams

Jon MacWilliams has over 33 years in hockey development and experience. Jon is the Head On Ice Instructor for Dave Bolland Sports, with former Chicago Blackhawk, Dave Bolland.  He has played professionally in Europe, coached AAA and Junior A Hockey and had trained NHL/WHL/Junior Players including Dave Bolland, Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Not only is he all of the above, he is a fellow Canadian as well!  Very excited to have him be a part of my son's hockey experience! … [Read more...]

Hockey Stick Display

This hockey stick display is one of the CHEAPEST and easiest ones you'll ever see. You need 4 screws and 1 hockey puck! That's it!!!! You can use a hand saw to cut the hockey puck in half {or use a different saw} Use the hockey stick to line up where you need to put the half pucks. Make a mark on the wall where you'd like to place the pucks. Pre-drill holes in the puck for the screws but make sure not to go all the way through.  If it goes all the way through, it won't have anything to screw to the wall. Take your predrilled half pucks and drill them in to the wall. It's really that easy!!!  It may take you 30 minutes at the most!!! … [Read more...]

Best Gift for Boys – Fartgun

Yeah, you read that right!  Fartgun. The boys recently had their birthdays and received a Despicable Me Fartgun from their aunt and uncle. I will say that the fartgun has not left the hands of my youngest.  So if you're looking for a gift, you might want to consider purchasing this. You will be the most favorite person Yes, this is what my son drew on the shower door. First, he wrote "I love the fartgun" ... then he drew a picture of the fartgun. The kid sleeps with this keeper of a gift under his pillow. He brings it in to the bathroom ... Yes, because everyone needs a fartgun in the bathroom.  Oh my... Farts are funny to boys. He goes through the whole cycle of … [Read more...]

Family Pajamas GIVEAWAY!!!

Be sure to check back weekly to see what giveaway is up next! This is a relatively new tradition to my family and I.  Getting matching family pajamas every fall for the holiday season. We love having them and although the boys grow out of them generally by the next year, I get to wear mine till they get holes in them *wink* They'll get there one day too, I'm sure.  In any case, we got our family pajamas through this year! We got our package and all of us changed out of our daytime clothes in to our PJs, I think it was only 7pm??  Cracked me up. The even funnier thing is that these are the 'Frozen' line of pajamas, although the boys like the movie; the song "Let it … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning Meme

Peyton Manning is on fire.  He didn't only meet the record for touchdowns, he surpassed it! And this is why he is his momma's favorite.... I made this Peyton Manning Meme and thought I'd share it {please credit if you share} Way to go, Peyton! I'm proud to be a Bronco fan and to watch you at home in Denver at Sports Authority Field!!!! … [Read more...]