Practical Need = Style Want … Replace Carpet or Not?


So we have a great home.  It’s comfortable and spacious.  But, when we bought it, it had LIGHT BEIGE carpets!  With 2 YOUNG boys, a dog, and a husband who doesn’t always take his shoes off, this beige carpet was my nemesis.  I was constantly spot cleaning the carpet to lighten the stains from shoes, food, juice, and whatever else … I was so OVER IT!   Just not functional at all.

IMG 1594 Practical Need = Style Want ... Replace Carpet or Not?

I had throw rugs in high traffic areas … so perfect when you have a little guy learning to walk and keep his balance. NOT

I pushed to get new carpets in our home … and WON!!!!

It was probably one of the happier days in my life to know that the carpet didn’t have to be spot cleaned all.the.time!

IMG 0669 Practical Need = Style Want ... Replace Carpet or Not?

Needless to say now I don’t freak when the boys go in to the living room with a drink or when our dog chooses to chew his food on the carpet or when the guinea pig is out walking around.

Or when I see this…

MG 4663 Practical Need = Style Want ... Replace Carpet or Not?

Well, okay, I do kind of cringe when I see this near the carpets … but, it’s still no real biggie because the carpets are stain proof!

WOOT! {and warrantied}

My life is a lot less stressful because of these new wonderful camouflaging carpets!!!!

And I love the feel of them in my studio while I’m working.  It’s so soft and cushy under my feet!!

IMG 4924 Practical Need = Style Want ... Replace Carpet or Not?

This totally fits our family right now.  Lots of people advised me to wait till the kids got older to change them out, I know that I would have resented waiting so long if I had.  My cleaning life is much more tolerable now that I’m not worrying about all the spots on the carpets when visitors would come over, etc.  Boy, just writing this post makes me want to go kiss my carpet {I’m so thankful I have it!}.


I’m curious to know, in your home, how do you balance your practical needs with your style wants?

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