Pictures of a Beautiful Bald Woman

Conceited?  Self Centered? Ego-centrical?

Hardly… just owning that I am a beautiful bald woman …

beautiful bald womanI LOVED my hair, I twirled and played with my hair all day long.  I thought I’d miss it after shaving it off for St Baldricks day to raise money for childhood cancer research.

 Truthfully, I don’t miss it … at all.

When people ask if I’m sick, my answer is no and that I did it to support those who are.  When people ask if I miss my hair, my answer is no, it’ll grow back.  When people ask what my boys think of it, my answer is that they have embraced it way better than I could’ve imagined.

Here I am minutes before going on the stage to have my head shaved.

Beautiful bald womanI have not run a comb through my hair for over 2 weeks!  Jealous?  LOL!  Perhaps not, but it has been one heck of a time saver, let me tell ya!

Thought you might like to see some professional photos of the night … one of my close friends is an amazing photographer (Farrah Jobling Photography) and she graciously captured some memorable moments.

Beautiful bald woman

Here are some of my favorite lady friends before the event.  I am truly blessed to have such an amazing circle of friends.

Beautiful bald womanMeet Eric, my teammate, a St Baldricks’ veteran.  He’s a radio talk show host of his own show The Experience Pros on AM560. … oh, and ladies, he’s single {wink wink}.  We were united in this experience…

Eric Reamer of the Experience Pros at St Baldricks

Eric Reamer of the Experience Pros at St Baldricks

And, here is where it begins {Farrah killed it with these photos!!!}

Beautiful bald woman

Beautiful bald woman

Beautiful bald woman

Eric got in on the action … he looks like he’s clearly enjoying the moment!!!

I seriously look concerned or scared!  LOL

Beautiful bald woman

Then my husband, Garett, got in on the action!

Beautiful bald womanI’m not sure he wanted to assist at first, but he looks alright with it here!

Beautiful bald womanAnd here it is, the after shot of my dome with some of my favorite ladies!  I’m still in awe of my friends!  This girl is lucky to have them!!

Beautiful bald woman

Beautiful bald womanWOW, it’s ALL gone!!!

And now, I’m a look alike for Sinead O’Connor….

Beautiful bald womanMy friend’s husband did this!  It’s funny how our hair length was almost exactly the same!

Oh, and of course, I have to show you who was behind the lens the whole time at the St Baldricks event, meet Farrah everyone!

Beautiful bald womanI hope you enjoyed the picture recap of one of the most revealing and empowering moments of this woman’s life.  I did buy a wig to wear just in case, however, it has not been on my head once since the event.  I feel so confident sportin’ my bald head around, whether it be at school pick up, at work, at the store …

It was an honor to raise money for the St Baldricks Foundation.  It is an honor to be bald as it is a small gesture to show support for those who do not have a choice who are going through chemo.

It felt like the right thing to do.

xo Tara

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