Chameleons – What you need

The Sharing Kid shares his Chameleon buying experience with you.  He talks about what you need to care for your chameleon and some great information about these great little reptiles! The Sharing Kid has done months of research on what chameleons need. He researched what kind of cage, the food (crickets coated in Calcium D3), the plants for the cage, and so much more.  If you'd like to learn more about chameleons, you can also visit where they have a ton of great information about chameleons and other reptiles.  He loves this site and refers to it a lot. We thought we could share some chameleon items that you can purchase from Amazon to help you get an idea of what you … [Read more...]

Nexgard “Doggone Funny” Contest

Disclosure: Post and contest sponsored by Merial, a world-leading animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health and well-being of pets, but all opinions are my own.  Please see below for additional disclosure. If you are a follower of Beethoven_n_Mackinnon's instagram account, you have witnessed some of the funniest moments between a giant St Bernard and a tiny hedgehog (and a guinea pig).  Pets are funny in general, but dogs are hilarious!!! Dog owners go to great lengths to keep their dogs healthy and happy, ahem: from sharing their bed with a 90-pound dog to cooking a special meal to disguise their dog’s medication. The Merial NexGard® … [Read more...]

Painting a Pet Picture

Painting is fun for me when it's very creative, colorful, and a bit abstract.  It's always been a challenge for me to paint faces of anything such as people or animals so I gravitate to an abstract technique. Here is a painting I recently painted for my mother in law for her birthday. It's her pug, she has 2 pugs that she adores. So, it was a no brainer to paint a picture of a subject that she already loves! The great thing about this project is that I was able to bring it to the pool and paint while the boys were swimming!  I used several different colors, so I simply squirted little bit of each color on a plate, covered it with saran wrap; grabbed my brushes and a canvas, and was on … [Read more...]

What is my Pound Puppy’s Breed?

Just recently posted about getting my St Bernard's DNA tested. He clearly looks like a St. Bernard, but who knows what else he could be? It wasn't a concern to me as it wouldn't change anything about anything.  All it would change is possibly if there was any possible health issues that could ensue that is breed related.  We wouldn't know if we didn't do his testing and things could come up and us not know why or what to do about it. At any rate, Beethoven is a PURE BRED SAINT BERNARD! Are you surprised? If you're interested in having your dog's DNA tested, please go to my previous post "What's my dog's DNA." … [Read more...]

What’s my Dog’s DNA?

We recently rescued a beautiful St Bernard dog, Beethoven, from our local Humane Society. He looks like a St Bernard.  He eats like a St Bernard.  He acts like a St Bernard.  He must be a St Bernard. Well, I was approached by Wisdom Panel to have Beethoven's DNA tested. They provided me with the kit of which I have since sent in and am anxiously awaiting to know what it showed.  It takes a couple of weeks upon their receipt of the sample to get the results  (I will update you when I receive the report) The kit consisted of 2 little brushes to obtain my dog's DNA from the inside of his cheek.  All the information of what I needed to do was right there on the box and so easy to … [Read more...]

A St Bernard and a Hedgehog – Unlikely BFFs

Little did we know when we got a hedgehog that we were going to adopt a dog.  Little did we know we were going to adopt a dog when we got the cutest hedgehog that we were going to adopt a 150lb St. Bernard. Little did we know how well our St Bernard was going to adapt to our home and become so immediately comfortable with our people.  Little did we know that he actually wouldn't want to eat our hedgehog but that he always wants to be next to her or just close to her. There isn't a time that we can remove Mackinnon (our hedgehog) from her home that Beethoven isn't RIGHT there.  He wants to just be close to her.  It really is the cutest unlikely match of the smallest of small and the … [Read more...]

Saint Bernards

Our family just grew by one HUGE 150 pound Saint Bernard! Meet Beethoven. He is so sweet and just a gentleman/dog.  So gentle that our oldest boy who is 9 years old can walk him (with me beside him of course).  He minds, he listens, and he is just so sweet with people and other dogs he meets during our walks. Beethoven the Saint Bernard has a little story ... He and his buddy have been known to take 'tours' of the neighbourhood ... aka: bust out of their owner's yard.  There were multiple posts online regarding their where-abouts and who were their owners, etc.  They ended up at the Humane Society where their owners eventually surrendered both Saint Bernards.  The previous owners just … [Read more...]