Peanut Butter Balls – YUMMY!

I got this recipe from one of the gals I worked with years ago when I was nursing in British Columbia.

I make it every year {would make it more, but my girlish figure would explode}

In saying that, this is such a great dessert dish … way easy to make!!!

Or just to have to bring out for guests when they pop over for a visit!


1 cup   Peanut Butter
1 cup   Icing/Powdered Sugar
2 tsp  Butter
1 tsp   Vanilla
1 cup   Rice Krispies
1 bag   Coconut {you may not use it all}

Cream first 4 ingredients well and add Rice Krispies

IMG 2768 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

IMG 2771 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

Roll into balls and refrigerate till firm

IMG 2772 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

Butter Icing

1 cup   Butter
3-4 cups   Icing/Powdered Sugar
1/4 cup   Milk
1 tsp   Vanilla

IMG 2793 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

Roll in thick butter icing and then in coconut

IMG 2799 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!IMG 2798 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!IMG 2801 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!IMG 2802 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

And, Voila!!!

IMG 2805 Peanut Butter Balls   YUMMY!

Keep in fridge or freezer

{and try to just eat one}

{dare ya}

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Check out Mom in Management for more great recipes for the holidays.  Thank you so much for having me, Daria!  I truly had fun making these PRIOR to the holidays to photograph the steps … and will enjoy making them AGAIN for the holidays.  The other recipes here are wonderful and thanks so much for giving us all ideas to add to make our Holiday Dinners extraordinary!

xo Tara


  1. Daria @ Mom in Management says:

    These look dangerous to my waistline! AND oh so yummy! 😉


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