OWN Your Business

I wanted to share this past guest post I did for Flamingo Toes blog with you.

It’s important for you to OWN your business and TELL people about it.

Here’s a bit of advice I’ve got for you…

I am a business owner with 2 young boys at home who are getting an early education on what goes into having a company run out of your home.
Now, I’m not sure if you are a Mompreneur,  but, if you are, I have a few tips on owning your own company and how to get the word out about it.
FirstlyOWN your business and OWNING what you do is important,  just as important as going outside the home and working.  So often I hear other moms with businesses say that that don’t tell people what they do … therefore, others think that they are solely stay at home moms {which is a full time job in itself!}.  What I’m getting at is MARKET yourself!  TELL people you have a company.  TELL people what you do.  TELL people you work.  You have a business because you are PASSIONATE about it!  Honestly own it!  Honestly owning my business and not being afraid to shout it from the roof tops has made such a difference in how people respond to me when I tell them that I own a business.   Sometimes it takes us longer than others to be able to have the confidence to do this.  But, now that I’m ‘there’ and DO tell others what my company is, my confidence has sky rocketed and so has my business … funny how that works!
Secondly, having the social media skills is really a huge asset.  Don’t be afraid to learn it!  I sell online.  I tell people online that I have a store.  They go look at my store {and they buy}.  Well, the goal is that they buy!  If you have a blog, GREAT.  If your company is on Facebook, GREAT.  If you are on Twitter, AWESOME!  These social media outlets, for me, have opened so many doors for my business!  Of course, there’s LinkedIn, Google+, etc, but I have chosen that blogging, facebook, and twitter are where it’s at for my type of business.  You will find a fit for you and your business when you play and learn a bit about these.  My biggest bit of advice about social media is to not feel like you have to actively USE ALL of them!  Choose whichever works best for you and concentrate on those, otherwise, you will get so overwhelmed and not have much time for anything else.  I cannot tell you how much Twitter has boosted business for taradara.  Not only is Twitter been wonderful for business, it’s been great for building relationships and friendships!
Win Win.
Thirdly, carry your business cards EVERYWHERE you go.  They’re small, they fit in your wallet, in your pocket, in your car…  You never know when an opportunity may arise and you will be prepared and give them your card with all of your contact information right there.  Talking at church, at the grocery store check out, at random get togethers … you never know who you’ll meet {and I truly mean that!}.  Also, have a card that fits YOU and your business.  One that stands out from the rest, something that people will certainly remember and recognize when they’re going through they’re heaps of cards.
taradara biz card
{here’s my card}
Lastly, remember that you are your brand.  How you look and how you interact with others will be people’s impression of you.  I am guilty of throwing on my hat and sweats to go to the grocery store or library, but if I know I’m going somewhere where I know I’ll be networking or talking with others, I try to make myself a bit more presentable.  I at least wash my face, throw some mascara on, and try to do something with my hair … I am mom first, you know … LOL!
Okay, and really lastly, support one another!  Rarely, husbands recognize the hard work we put in to our businesses, so I truly believe in supporting other Mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs.  Let’s cheer eachother on and help eachother out.  Sharing information, networking, and being compassionate to others really goes a long way.  We all start somewhere and we often have people who have helped us along the way.  So, pay it forward and be open to helping others out when they have questions or would like to be mentored.  Embrace eachother!
Please feel free to contact me.  I’m so open to helping others out.  Paying it forward is such good karma {I don’t forget it}.
xo Tara
Taradara is an artsy fartsy handmade sewing company founded 2 years ago.  She has award winning iPad Covers, wallets, kindle/nook covers, business card holders, passport covers, bracelet cuffs, and soon to be released iPhone covers {which are in the 2012 Golden Globe Swag Bags!}.  Taradara’s designs are truly unique and all pieces are one of a kind.


  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Hi Tara Today I took some (20 different types) of last years Valentine projects to our local thrift store. I put my little tags with email address, name and ph# on all of them. The tags are quite small but noticable. I was going to go places with my projects to sell but chickened out. If I don’t get to sell any of them (was late getting started) I will keep them for next year. But I will try to sell some in our local area. We live out in a rural area and the closest real town is about 6 miles away. There’s a little country store close by and will take some of them to that store and to closest town tomorrow to see what happens.
    I so appreciate all your pep talks and wonderful advice. I did tell the lady at the thrift shop what I’m doing while she was looking at the items I was donating.
    I also have some dog cards I’ve done and thought I might donate some of them to help the Animal Rescue center make some money and (get some exposure).
    One of problems is we live so far away from everything and our funds are very limited for gas to go places. I might have to go little slower but will still persevere.
    Thanks to you I’m more encouraged than I had been. I’m not a sales person at all but will have a good talk with myself. Self confidence is not one of my strong points. Another problem I have is that I don’t have a digital camera to put my items on an etsy store of my own. Don’t have funds to buy one either so that will hold up my timing for opening my own etsy shop. Life is what it is. Not an excuse, just a little holdup to overcome.
    I did spif myself up today so I’d look more professional. Sorry this is too long. Thanks for all your encouragement.

    • JaneEllen!
      Look at you! You are getting yourself out there! Like you said, it might be a bit slower, but you are still DOING IT! That’s such wonderful news, really. You will do it. I like how you’re being resourceful and putting yourself ‘out there’. Keep going!
      xo Tara

  2. Karen Whitney says:

    Thank you for this!!! You are so right! I have been wanting to increase readers on my blog, but I haven’t been telling people I know about it. You have inspired me 🙂 I’m going to OWN it!

  3. Louise Ducote says:

    What an adorable blog! I don’t have a business other than raising boys, dogs and husband (ha) but enjoyed this post anyway. Visiting from SITS and will be back.

  4. Well said…Surprised though by number 1…Why would anyone not say that they have their own company? I am like you, “shout it from the rooftops”! 🙂

    All great advise by the way.

  5. What a great post! I OWN my own business too – I am an authorized Disney vacation planner. I love Disney – and I love to share what I know with others. It’s a dream job. And with a job that relies solely on word of mouth – sharing through blogging, fb and twitter – well, it’s what I have. I am trying to be more savvy – and especially sharing that to use a travel agent costs you NOTHING – and in fact will often save you money. Thanks for the opportunity to “own” it right here! 🙂

  6. Ashley @ Never a Dull Date says:

    Great advice! I just started blogging and have been a little shy when it comes to telling people about it. I”m going to take your advice and start talking about it more. Thanks!

  7. Great tips! I have my own business. But I lack that self confidence. I sell Mary kay, but really I just want to be able to buy at cost, and offer others that opportunity, but I hate rejections. So I never ask. Vicious cycle, really…

    • A lot of people feel just like you do, Lisa, and don’t put themselves out there for fear of rejection. I attended a workshop once that helped me get over this. The leader had us all mill around the room. We were to stop people and ask, “will you work with me?” For the first 5 minutes, we were to say “No” to everyone. For the next 5 minutes, we were allowed to say “yes” when it felt right, but were not to say “yes” to everyone. What this experience did was lessen the impact of an individual No and helped us to see that every NO is really just taking us one step closer to that perfect Yes. So, get out there and go after some NOs. You may find that there are a lot more YESs to be found than you expect!

  8. I agree with what you are saying & must spread the word more! Kudos to you on the iphone cases- thats awesome for you!!

  9. Ms A - the monkey keeper says:

    Hi Tara, I was so glad to see you as featured blogger today at SITS. A crafty, sewing mom? Right up my interest alley. I blog at The Empty Nest Mom and just started a 2nd blog – Bring the Monkey – because stitching and quilting and related travel are such passions of mine. Love your blog. Love your work. I’m going to subscribe as soon as I’m done telling you how much I liked your post here. paying it forward and owning what we do – with confidence – fantastic advice. Happy SITS day!

  10. Ms A - the monkey keeper says:

    In fact, I’m going to grab your button and add it to my site.

  11. I love this article. You are so right! You shouldn’t be shy about your business or brand. And I really think our husbands do not fully understand how much we put into our work. I consider my blog my business even though I don’t earn any actual dollars (yet!) but I do earn free items to review and people approach me about giveaways etc. so I do consider it my business. I happen to love it too and that’s what makes it exciting and fun. Thanks for your very insightful post!

  12. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I am starting a home business and you touched on some of the very things that I am going through.
    Appreciate this post!

  13. Lindsi and Jamie says:

    Super great advice! I think this could be used by any blogger too. Tell people you are a blogger and carry business cards everywhere! Happy SITS day!

  14. Hi Tara – I’m here from SITS and so glad that they featured you because now I’ve found your great site! I particularly liked this post because you are SO right – you really do need to promote yourself, “be” your brand and support one another. I’ve only been blogging for a little more than a year but have had many careers before that. This is the first time I’ve decided to really make the effort to get beyond my natural shyness and get behind what I’m doing 100% – thank you! 🙂

  15. I love your site and I love your artsy fartsy stuff! I just pinned your etsy site into my pinterest and if anyone clicks it will take them to your site. I SUPPORT you. I also subscribed because I know I will come back and buy gifts. I’m always looking for special original gifts and I love the patterns and material you use. Congrats on your SITS day and good luck with all your endeavors! Blessings, Tia


  16. I’m not a business owner right now, but I was one, and will be again soon once I get some seed money together, and I’m really glad I read this today. I think it’s serendipity. I was just talking to my husband about it earlier…

    Oh, and happy belated SITS day!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad this spoke to you! It can really be used in all kinds of ways … from bloggers to home based businesses. I’d love to hear how your journey pans out! xo

  17. Thanks, Leah! I would love to hear about your journey to getting to the point of calling what you’re doing a business! xo

  18. Thanks so much for this article. I’m so happy you were featured on SITS! I’m slowly trying to build my own women driven media company starting with an online magazine and I find it hard to talk about it. At first I saw it as bragging but the way you put it is true. I’m not just a stay at home wife, I’m a hard working, budding entrepreneur and I should be telling people about it. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

    Vonae Deyshawn

    • Vonae! I’m so glad it helped you. I just really think that us moms who have something at home NEED to tell people. It was a post that I’ve wanted to write for a long time. So happy that it has sparked something within you to change the way you will interact with people {by telling them what you do!!} ROCK IT, SISTER!!!!

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