Our Family Christmas Traditions

Our family Christmas Traditions

For a few years now, we’ve been thinking of how we could make our Christmas OURS for our family.  We have 2 young boys who are now both understanding Christmas and what it’s all about.  We have a few family traditions that we have done the past two years and are welcoming new ones as they come.

We have cut down our Christmas Tree out in the forest the past 2 years.  We go with another family and make a day of it {if it’s not FREEZING outside}.  This year was a bit chilly, so we didn’t hang out all day to play in the snow.

christmas traditionsMy husband and I with the kids in the back leaving the forest with our tree you cannot see.

Here is the huge tree we cut down this year….

christmas traditionsNow that the boys are a bit older, we enjoy decorating it together.  I don’t feel as though I’m going to have a heart attack as much anymore when they help.  I’m sure you can relate…

We also love to go for a drive on Christmas Eve to look at the christmas lights in our area.

christmas traditions{sorry for the kind of crummy picture, hard to get good shots while driving slowly in the dark}  You get the idea.

We pack up some hot chocolate and popcorn, get in our jammies, and listen to Christmas music during our drive.  It’s getting to be enjoyable and intimate as the boys are getting older.  Before, it was constant action within the car with the boys, but now they are able to look out the window and spot great light displays.  Then on our way home, we talk about our favorite display of the night.

Another Christmas tradition we have started is doing the boys’ handprints every Christmas for a tree skirt.  Every year on Christmas Eve I outline the boys’ hands, date it with fabric paint, and add it to the skirt.  We have my husbands and mine on there, but obviously, our hands have stopped growing.  And, who ever is with us during the Christmas season, I outline their hand and add it to the skirt.

christmas traditionsNotice how I’m the only pink … well, my mom was just here and has added another pink!  Still out numbered, ah well!  Click here for the tutorial of how to make the handprint tree skirt.


Neighborhood Christmas Tradition

We get together with 4 other couples in our neighborhood and have a Progressive Dinner Party.  We go to each house for a course of a 5 course dinner.  It is such a WONDERFUL tradition to get together with such WONDERFUL neighbors for one evening like this a year.  We have so many laughs, we get to catch up, and we don’t have to drive anywhere if we’re drinking!

christmas traditions

I think we were ALL having fun, what do you think?

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  1. My favorite holiday tradition, which has lasted from childhood to adulthood, is sitting at the top of the stairs in my parents’ home while they play the Snoopy Christmas song and taunt us for not being able to come downstairs yet. At the end of the song, my sister and I rush downstairs to check out the holiday fun. This tradition has grown to include husbands and fiances, and next year will also include the family’s first little grandbaby. 2012 promises to be amazing!

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