What does being Brave mean to you?

What does brave mean to you? Bravery is viewed differently from individual's eyes given their life experience. We can all agree on that, right? 'Brave', what's the first thing that comes to mind? I asked this question on my personal facebook page, "When you think of the word 'Brave', what comes to your mind? Something you've seen someone do? Something you've done? Is a specific someone?", and here are the brave responses... RS said, "Risk, standing up for your beliefs." CF said, "CHD kids, their parents and siblings. Astounding bravery in those families." NC said, "some times brave is just getting out of bed to face the day" CS said, "Doing what’s difficult" CP said, "Being afraid … [Read more...]

Larry King and Steve Forbes – Success 2012 Denver

The Success 2012 Seminar has such an amazing line up, Larry King and Steve Forbes!  They're making 5 stops in the WORLD, yep, WORLD and they kicked it off in Denver, CO!  It was so spectacular! I wrote out Bill Cosby last week, I was in such awe!!  He was the cherry on top as speakers like Steve Forbes and Larry King were up prior to him. Steve Forbes started the day with an upbeat and FUNNY session.  I loved how he pointed out the marketing facts about certain companies that have MADE IT!  He was charming, funny, and made a LOT of sense!  He should, after all he's Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.  He spoke on the fluctuation of the dollar and the gold standard and … [Read more...]

Book Review – Finish Line Feeling by Liz Ferro

So, as you know, taradara donates 10% of sales to Girls With Sole. Girls with Sole is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides free fitness and wellness programs to empower the minds, bodies and souls of girls who are at-risk or have experienced abuse of any kind. GWS programs include traditional team sports such, running programs and road race sponsorship, yoga, pilates and dance. Each girl in our programs receives a brand new pair of running shoes,a jog bra and a water bottle as well as a renewed sense that someone believes in them, so that, they may believe in themselves. {source} Well, the founder, Liz Ferro, has written a book, 'Finish Line Feeling'.  In this book, she … [Read more...]

Other People’s Wisdom and Skills – Tips for Making Sense of Social Media

Making sense of social networking can be very challenging when you're first exposed to it.   Once you're in the groove and have everything set up, it gets easier.   But how do we get there? This week I'm so pleased to post on Nicolette Tallmadge.  Her podcasts are one of the first ones I started listening to while I sewed.   I started listening to podcasts because I was tired of late night radio and wanted something new and different.  I started listening just after Christmas because Santa brought me an iPad {lucky me!} and I was able to bring it in to my studio and listen.  The other main reason I started listening to them is to MAXIMIZE on my time.  Trying to learn while I was sewing … [Read more...]

Other People's Wisdom and Skills – The Savvy WAHM {work at home mom}

I decided to do a series on the podcasts I have listened to and think are worth sharing.  You can read all about it here. This week's post is dedicated to the Work at Home Moms... I just found The Savvy WAHM's podcasts on iTunes and have been listening to them while I drove my long commute to out lying areas for work.  I do believe her podcasts are so pertinent to where I'm at with my business.  The lady behind this great concept is Kendra Tillman from Arizona.   photo credit She has a great voice that is easy to listen to {and she doesn't say 'Um' a lot, which is sooo nice}, she has great guest speakers, and she's very encouraging without being fake.  I have connected with her on Twitter … [Read more...]

Other People's Wisdom and Skills – The Science of Blogging by Hubspot

The first podcast/webinar of this series that I'd like to share with you is from Hubspot. Now, this company has an arsenal webinars talking about all things to do with an online business.  They provide various services {of which I haven't used just yet as I recently stumbled upon their webinars} that cater to help generate traffic to your website and beyond. Here's a few topics that they have posted on their site that I'd like to share with you: MARKETING.  I'm a Work at Home Mom {WAHM} and am not out in the public eye as much as, say, a brick and mortar store is.  So, I need all the help I can get in the marketing department as my business is primarily online. GETTING FOUND.  They talk … [Read more...]

Other People's Wisdom and Skills – A New Series

During my travels with my temporary real job, I have been maximizing my driving time with listening to podcasts and webinars that will help me with several aspects of my handmade business.  There are times where I've been in the car for 6 hours during the day {no joke} and grew very tired of listening to the radio.  So, I turn on my iPad, put in my earphones, listen and learn ... oh, and drive. I recently got in to listening to podcasts and webinars since I got my iPad for Christmas {I love that it's so portable!!}.  What I've done is downloaded podcasts to the iPod {in my iPad} from iTunes.  There are a TON of FREE podcasts out there!!  Podcasts on so many different topics from 'how to … [Read more...]