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I decided to do a series on the podcasts I have listened to and think are worth sharing.  You can read all about it here.

This week’s post is dedicated to the Work at Home Moms…

I just found The Savvy WAHM’s podcasts on iTunes and have been listening to them while I drove my long commute to out lying areas for work.  I do believe her podcasts are so pertinent to where I’m at with my business.  The lady behind this great concept is Kendra Tillman from Arizona.  

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She has a great voice that is easy to listen to {and she doesn’t say ‘Um’ a lot, which is sooo nice}, she has great guest speakers, and she’s very encouraging without being fake.  I have connected with her on Twitter {I’ll have her twitter address at the end} and have been connected to other WAHM in the process.

So, one thing I’ve been thinking about is getting childcare one day a week just so I can have a full day to contribute to my business uninterrupted.  It’s something that I’ve pondered a LOT.  I started my business so I could be at home with our boys and accessible to them at all times.  I’m realizing now that I would be accessible to them even though they’re at childcare because I will be at home and not in a hospital setting where it’s not as easy to pick up and leave.  So, in that way, I will still be true to my word and desire.  Well, in one of her podcasts {the one I’m featuring today}, she made a point of saying that being a WAHM, you need help.  And help can be in the form of childcare, and IT’S OKAY.  So, I like her a lot already.  Just getting permission helps sometimes in making business decisions.

Well, the first podcast of hers I listened to is titled…

“5 Powerful Principles of a WAHM”

Here they are:

1)  Refuse to quit ~ keep moving forward.  Like the saying goes, ‘if life throws you lemons, make lemonade’.  Push through, you can do this!

2)  Be comfortable with being uncomfortable ~ This is a good point in that if you’re always comfy, you’re not really pushing yourself.  Get through being uncomfortable, live with it for a bit and push yourself again to be uncomfortable.

3)  Live YOUR definition of success ~ Don’t compare yourself with others.  Appreciate that you are right where you need to be RIGHT now.  Things happen {and don’t happen} for a reason and be okay with that.  You’ll get to where you want to be WHEN you’re supposed to.

4)  Ask for HELP! ~  This is what got me.  She ‘gave’ me permission to get childcare and not feel bad about doing it.  For others, it might be to get an accountant or a website designer.  Whatever is what you need, you should ask for help to get you where you want to be.  Kendall also has an action plan to help WAHM called “6 Traps of a WAHM”.  It’s a PDF that you can get here.

5)  Be a student of your customer ~ This may apply to others in the service aspect of business.  I thought about this one and how it would apply to me.  I know that I listen to what my customers want to see in my store or how they think I could improve a product.  Mind you, I don’t get a LOT of feedback on how to improve, but I do listen to what they say and a lightbulb will go off and I’ll apply it to my products.  Whatever or however you can learn from your customer, listen.

Kendra’s Twitter:  @thesavvywahm

Her blog:  The Savvy WAHM

Her Blog Talk Radio/Podcasts:  The Savvy WAHM

Please, if you’re a WAHM or thinking about becoming one, go to her blog and/or listen to her podcasts.  She has a GREAT inspiring posts and podcasts that will not be a waste of your time reading or listening to.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

xo Tara


  1. Kendra | The Savvy WAHM says:

    What an incredible honor! I can’t tell you what it meant for me to read this on blog post today. We never know how our words of encouragement can change someone’s life. You’ve changed mind by reminding me that I’m living my purpose. What a gift you’ve given me today. Thank you!

    P.S. My website is in maintenance mode because it’s getting a much needed makeover. Hopefully the ladies who read this post will check back in at the beginning of next week and they can see my site reborn. 🙂 Thanks, again.

    • taradara says:

      Hey Kendra!
      It’s always nice to be reminded that what we do is serving a purpose and not falling on deaf ears. I appreciate your time and your knowledge that you pour in to your podcasts. Thank you so much!

  2. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    I will listen to this tonite! And she’s here in Az! I wonder if she’s close by? Hmm. I really do need a little push in the right direction & I do need help! Thx for sharing Tara.

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