Other People’s Wisdom and Skills – Tips for Making Sense of Social Media

Making sense of social networking can be very challenging when you’re first exposed to it.  

Once you’re in the groove and have everything set up, it gets easier.  

But how do we get there?

This week I’m so pleased to post on Nicolette Tallmadge.  Her podcasts are one of the first ones I started listening to while I sewed.  

I started listening to podcasts because I was tired of late night radio and wanted something new and different.  I started listening just after Christmas because Santa brought me an iPad {lucky me!} and I was able to bring it in to my studio and listen.  The other main reason I started listening to them is to MAXIMIZE on my time.  Trying to learn while I was sewing works for me.  Whenever I hear an important point or website I should visit, I’d write it down on a note pad next to my machine.  So, now that you know this little bit about me, let’s carry on…

Nicolette is a jewelry maker AND has this other talent … educating fellow artists/crafters on social media/internet marketing and how to use it.  Her website isThe Crafted Web where there is a wealth of information.  She has a whole list of topics of which you can click on and learn!  She also offers newsletters you can sign up for that will go right in to your inbox!  How convenient!  

I downloaded her15 Minute Craft Website Tips podcasts from iTunes.  She has a LOT of podcasts that are really only 15 minutes each {great concept, by the way!  Short and sweet}.

The podcast that I’ve recently listened to is named, “Art Marketing: Making Sense of Social Networking” and here are some notes…

So a lot of us struggle with the amount of time on the computer that takes away from our craft.  

Here are some tips on social media and your art/craft business.

1~  Figure out your target market.  It’s great to connect with fellow crafters/artists, but it’s kind of like preaching to the choir as they are doing the same thing you are.  So, it’s fantastic to talk with them and get support but you need to find those who are going to drive your traffic and sales.  Are you looking for a gallery or store to carry your pieces?  Are you targeting women, mothers, men, other entrepreneurs?  Also, in doing this figure out the best social media channel to reach them.  Twitter?  Facebook?  LinkedIn?  Also, don’t forget the good ol’ face to face marketing or networking.  Places like the Chamber of Commerce or if you do craft shows, these are great ways as well to connect with others.

2 ~  Are you using the right channel?  Twitter is great for one way interaction for the most part.  Great for traffic to your site or store.  Facebook is great for two way interaction, however it takes time to get the traffic.  LinkedIn is a great avenue for businesses searching for other businesses.  So, knowing which channel your target market is most abundant on is probably the best one for you to focus on.

3 ~  What is your message?  What do you want the people who buy your products to know?  Are you sending the right message?  People LOVE to hear your story, so share it.  If you’re a bit hesitant on how much you want to share, that’s okay.  Know what your willing to share and never feel pressured to share more than you’re comfortable with.  Find out what your customers would like to know about you.  Do they want to know where you got the inspiration for a certain piece or do they want to know the story behind HOW you started designing or developing your craft?  Do they want to know your influences?

Sending the wrong message such as constant marketing bombarding of your products make you sound desperate.  Instead, you might want to send a message of,  ‘Hey, I have some great products here, please come and share in the experience’, or something along those lines.  

Wasn’t this a great podcast?  Please check Nicollete Tallmadge out at her website and on iTunes … you won’t be sorry!

You can follow her on Twitter, too … @craftedweb

I think as crafters, it’s hard to know how to gage or know where/when to draw the line on marketing your product.  We all want to share our products with the world because we have GREAT pieces, but knowing how to constructively do this can be a challenge.  For me, I post about my products once a week only on Fridays.  I wanted to blog and I wanted to share my products, but I didn’t want to be ‘pushy’ or ‘in your face’ about it.  So, this has worked for me pretty well.  

If you‘re a business owner, I’m really interested in what has worked for you?

If you are not a business owner, I’m REALLY interested in what you feel is appropriate for an online CRAFT business to promote their product?

xo Tara


  1. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    I do have a shop on Etsy & it’s been a slow ride for me. I have very limited time. More like zero. I have many ideas & a sew-to-do list miles long! I have something in the works but since I’ve been sewing & blogging, all this has changed. The way people go about buttons on sidebars & how much they charge. Giveaways. Who you know. Either your huge or non-existent. I still want to strive for myself on many things, but when I do get to that point of being successful, I will help the new girl on the block & not overlook her. =)

    Thx for the links! I will check her out soon.

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