Other People's Wisdom and Skills – A New Series

During my travels with my temporary real job, I have been maximizing my driving time with listening to podcasts and webinars that will help me with several aspects of my handmade business.  There are times where I’ve been in the car for 6 hours during the day {no joke} and grew very tired of listening to the radio.  So, I turn on my iPad, put in my earphones, listen and learn … oh, and drive.

I recently got in to listening to podcasts and webinars since I got my iPad for Christmas {I love that it’s so portable!!}.  What I’ve done is downloaded podcasts to the iPod {in my iPad} from iTunes.  There are a TON of FREE podcasts out there!!  Podcasts on so many different topics from ‘how to cook to lower cholesterol’ to ‘how to blog’.  There is just a plethora of information in these FREE podcasts that you can listen to while you work, create, or whatever from your computer, your laptop, your iPad, or your iPod.

Since blogging and selling online is relatively new to me, it’s important for me to try to learn as much as I can to do well … just my personality.  I want to learn it all NOW, but I know I can’t and I will never learn it ALL … that’s where my life long learning comes in.  So, I would like to share with others that might be at the same level as me what I’ve learned as I’m traveling down my path.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I believe in sharing information, it just makes our lives so much easier.  It’s kind of like paying it forward in a way.  Other’s have taught me what they know and I’d like to do the same.  Kind of like mentoring as well, where I’m a mentee and a mentor.

As I’ve listened to these various podcasts, I have taken notes and would like to share them with you.  My plan is to do a series of posts with the podcast notes titled, “Other People’s Wisdom and Skills”.  I will, of course, feature the blog from which the podcast derives from as well.  Making connections and establishing relationships are key, so if I can put someone in touch with another that will enhance their life or their business, it’s all good!

I do hope you like this series.  The plan is to post a new “Other People’s Wisdom and Skills” every Thursday.

xo Tara

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