Lego Figurine Storage – Goodwill Before and After

Goodwill is my go-to place for my flighty ideas and project hopefuls.  My boys have all these Lego Figurines and they're scattered throughout the house.  I've wondered to myself how to display them in a nice clean way.  I have also lurked through the Goodwill aisles and have seen these wooden trays wondering to myself, 'what could I do with those?'  Then, all of the sudden, it donned on me!!! Lego Figurine Storage!!! What a concept! All I did was spray paint the wood in a metallic silver paint. What a difference!!!  It is now ready to get to work! Then used hot glue to secure 4 top/8 top/24 top flat Lego pieces in the middle of the individual compartments. Let it dry and started to … [Read more...]

The Inspiration Board

One of my sweet friends has a new site up starting TODAY!!!! The Inspiration Board is launched TO.DAY!!!! Make your own Inspiration Board and you will be entered to win some CRAZY AH-MAZING PRIZES!!! This is an example of what you could make for yourself .... ... and then if you're a blogger, you could take it and use it on your blog, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. So how it works below.... Are you ready to create your very own Inspiration Board and be entered to win a FANTASTIC prize?? Go to The Inspiration Board to get started ... Come on back to share your board in the comments section, okay! I'd love to see what you … [Read more...]

My Studio ~ A Shelf Makeover

I'm not sure you noticed in the background or not of yesterday's post, but there was a white and robin's egg blue shelf. It was an ugly unfinished wood shelf before See photo below: My husband quite liked it like this ... don't judge This shelf was actually FREE. A shelf we brought from our old house that my husband used for his books. Well, I took it and put in my studio. I've hated it ever since and just knew that I wanted to paint it. {sorry to those who liked it before, like my husband} So, how about a shelf makeover? I like it like this betta... and even better in it's place.... tucked right in... I've been using it to put all my ready to be used cut pieces. I've … [Read more...]

The work in progress ~ My studio

So my studio has been morphing slowly to where I'd really love it to be. There's nothing quite like having a place that's inspiring and comfortable to work in!  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the coolest artsy fartsy studio, you know, like the ones you see in the magazines like Where Women Create or Studios. One day maybe, hey, a gal can dream, right!!! I took some pictures of how it looked just a few short months ago and will share in a few posts as there is so much to look at .... LOL! Here's what  inside the walk in closet USED to look like ... It's a bit hard to take a good shot in such a small space. Here's a pulled back shot Not cluttered at all! And here's a view from outside! Aye … [Read more...]

Organizing on a whim

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about organizing our kitchen cupboards and our pantry, but never feel like I had the time. However, it's been getting to me that things fall out of the cupboard when I go to get something, etc. So I had had enough and finally did something about it. I think I had to definitely be in the right mind set as well to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we just don't use.  It's not easy to look at something and remember where you got it and think that you should keep it because of who gave it to you or the place you visited and bought it. If you're not using it and you never use it, donate or toss it. See, the right mind set for organizing and purging was today, … [Read more...]

Organizing – Since my hubby was doing it…

... I figured I could carry the organizing and cleaning on inside the house. Where else, but the kids' playroom! They BOTH just had their birthdays and Christmas is right around the corner, so the 3 of us went on down to their playroom to do some sorting.  I held up two similar toys and asked which one they wanted to keep and which one they wanted to donate, they chose and we went through most of their toys and got two garbage bags full of toys that we are going to donate. We also got a bag of garbage as well (no picture taken of that). So, I usually just go to our local Goodwill store and drop it off, but this time I wanted to donate their toys to somewhere that the … [Read more...]

A Clean, Organized Garage! No WAY!!!

An organized garage with the help of storage systems makes things so much easier and tidier! A dad and his boy ... they worked together and got the job done!It was my husband's birthday last weekend, a big one {40} but I won't tell you his age ;)  So I wanted to get him something that he has wanted for a long time, something he'll USE, and something that he would have no idea, something that would SURPRISE him beyond belief. So, I got him a bunch of organizational stuff for the garage made by Gladiator Garage works. He had absolutely NO IDEA!  It was awesome! We got him a bin storage deal and the stool at Costco and the rest we got from Lowe's.  He liked it so much that he started … [Read more...]