Opening Night at the Circus!!!

Opening Night at the Circus!!!

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s

Greatest Show on Earth was FULLY CHARGED!!!!!

Goodness where do I start?

Media Tour

We were so lucky to go behind the scenes before the show to visit the animals ‘backstage’ and have the opportunity to ask questions of one of the trainers and the veterinarian.

IMG 1507 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Did you know?  Ringling Bros. spends $6 MILLION dollars on health care for their animals each YEAR!

IMG 1517 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Did you know?  The animals get the royal treatment!  Hot or cold outside?  They get air conditioning or heating!!!  They are well pampered!

IMG 1522 Opening Night at the Circus!!! These guys were really putting on a show for us outside!  Aren’t they beautiful!

IMG 1523 Opening Night at the Circus!!! I couldn’t resist this peaceful shot.


After the wonderful media tour, we all ate dinner, got goodie bags for the kiddos and were surprised with the PRE-SHOW!!!

{well, we were surprised with it.  Remember, we haven’t been to the circus for OVER 30 years and don’t really recall our first experience as children}

Let me just tell you for a second, as a parent, being able to provide this experience for our boys is so rewarding.  To see their faces and hear their belly laughs that were not generated from me tickling their bellies was so heart warming and invigorating for me, their mom.  Even though they probably won’t remember this experience, we have the greatest pictures to share with them when they’re older … and hopefully we will continue to go in the years to come when they will recall those AMAZING memories!!!

Back to the show…

We were able to interact with the entertainers and be amongst all the action down on the stage where the show was to be performed in less then an hour!

IMG 1526 203x300 Opening Night at the Circus!!! IMG 1530 200x300 Opening Night at the Circus!!!









The boys didn’t waste any time and got right up there in the action!!!

IMG 1550 Opening Night at the Circus!!! These CLOWNS were HILARIOUS!!  They had all of us in stitches!

Check it out…

IMG 1549 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Awesomeness.

IMG 1574 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Asia, the PAINTING ELEPHANT came out and painted 2 pictures!  What?!

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Ring Master!!!

IMG 1587 Opening Night at the Circus!!! He had a lot of charisma and was PERFECT for the part!

The show started with all the performers out front and center.  There was so much action that anywhere your eyes looked, up or down or sideways, there was something going on!

Colorful, flowing, happy, and energetic!

Most of you do not my boys, they are 3 and 5 years old at the moment …

Hard to keep focused, yes.  
Hard to sit still, yes.
Hard to keep in one place, yes.  
Hard to entertain, yes.  
Not once did I hear, “I want to go!”  
Not once did I hear, “I’m bored!”  
Not once did I hear, “I don’t like this.”
I’m telling you, this show was FULLY CHARGED and kept the attention of a 3 YEAR OLD for 2.5 HOURS!!!!
Here are some more pictures from the night, hope you’re not overwhelmed by them yet….

IMG 1610 Opening Night at the Circus!!! This trainer was STELLAR!  He commanded the stage, no question!

IMG 1634 Opening Night at the Circus!!! These Tight wire Performers were INTENSE!!!  The ‘lead’ guy was about to BURST with energy!  MAN, he was on FIRE!  You could tell he was doing what he loved, that this is not just a job to him.  They were all so good and concise.  I kept on saying out loud … ‘No way’ ‘Oh my gosh’ ‘Are you kidding me’ … Their set was just so flawless!

IMG 1646 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Then there’s these guys!  
Some how I could almost see my boys doing something like this if one day they came to me and said, “Mom, we’re going to join the circus”.
They went around and around and inside out.  YIKES!  They, too, were on point!
IMG 1657 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Who doesn’t love the TIGERS at the circus?
What’s even more amazing than the tigers {I think as an adult} is the trainer inside the LOCKED CAGE with ALL the TIGERS!
I wished I got his name, because he deserves to have it used here, he was amazing with ALL the animals.  He commanded their attention and they followed his lead.  He is truly talented.
IMG 1662 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Just look at the intensity in his eyes!  So glad I got this shot!
He got this tiger to HOP.  Yes, HOP! out of the cage in to it’s carrier!  
Truly amazing!

IMG 1672 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Oh my goodness, these CLOWNS were so stinking funny!  I can’t tell you how much we all enjoyed them!  They were so entertaining and lively.  Their props were fantastic, their facial expressions were classic and their energy was unsurpassed!!!

IMG 1667 Opening Night at the Circus!!! A HUMAN FLAMING SLINGSHOT.
Yes, you read that right.
IMG 1691 Opening Night at the Circus!!! Then of course the elephants!  They had their performance dialed in!
If you have a chance, you should certainly go to the Fully Charged Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus

Totally worth it!

xo Tara



300x250 Ringling Fully Charged Opening Night at the Circus!!!

Performance Schedule:

Friday, September 30 – 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 1 – 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 2 – 1:00 PM, 5:00 PM
Wednesday, October 5 – 7:00 PM
Thursday, October 6 – 11:00 AM, 7:00 PM
Friday, October 7 – 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 8 – 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 9 – 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM


Adult tickets: $15.50, $20.50, $26.50, $40.50 (VIP), $60.50 (Front Row) and $80.50 (Circus Celebrity)

KIDS TICKETS ONLY $10 for all performances! (Excludes VIP seating. Kids 2-12. Limit 4 kids’ tickets per 1 Adult ticket.)

Tickets on sale through Ticketmaster online at or by calling 1-800-745-3000.


** This is not a paid review.  These are my own opinions of the circus.  Complimentary tickets for my family were provided by Feld Entertainment; however, Feld Entertainment is neither a sponsor nor endorser of this promotion.  



  1. I am so stinkin’ jealous that you got to go to this, Tara!! It looks amazing! Great pics and that statistic about the animals’ health care just blows me away!

    • Alison! I know, 6 million dollars a YEAR!! I think they take care of them very well. It was a great show! Really amazing!
      xo Tara

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