My trip back home … a little picture tour {BC, Canada}

So, I promised back in December to post some pictures of my sights while I was home with my dad. He had open heart surgery in Victoria, BC {which is on Vancouver Island}.  There are a select few hospitals in BC that do heart surgery, so they find one that has a bed and fly you there {depending on where you are originally}.  It’s a bit of a trek from where we our hometown is, but, big deal … they took care of him and kept him on this earth.

Victoria is where I actually graduated with my Nursing Degree {although I did all my classes on the mainland}.  We went to the University of Victoria campus for my convocation way back when, {literally, the only time I set foot on the campus during my 4 years of college!}

So, anyways, it was nice to see some sights during my daily commute via city bus from my hotel to see my dad in the hospital.

This post is going to be pretty picture heavy, hope you’re alright with that….

Let’s start …

After getting in to Vancouver, I had took a ferry over to Victoria and caught a DOUBLE DECKER BUS!!

And you thought those only were in London!  Nah-uh, friends!

They are all over this city!!  Very charming!

I stood in front of this Armoury every day to catch a connecting bus … kind of a historic building … 1915

I was able to do some window shopping one night and here’s some of the sights I took in…

LUSH!  If you have never walked by this store, you don’t know what you’re missing.  The scent from this place is so refreshing!!!  {like body shop, but BETTER}.  They have a lot of bath/shower and beauty products.

FUDGE, anyone???? … so glad this store was closed!!!  I would have bought a pound!

Can’t go home without seeing a MOOSE!

I AM CANADIAN!!!  I love it!!!

Gotta stock up on canadian apparel when I’m home, so I hit The Bay …

And bought some mittens…

Oh, and I cannot go home without picking up a bunch of Pirate cookies {my favourite food source} … hey, it’s got protein!

Moving right along …

This HUGE ‘Bonzai’ tree is in Chinatown in Victoria.  I’ve never seen such a manicured Juniper? tree before … pretty cool

Just outside of Chinatown is this cute little quilt shop, Satin Moon, that I could not resist going in and picking me up some fabrics!  I met a new friend there too, Sarah … a total hoot!  She was my only ‘friend’ in Victoria while I was there.  I love fellow Canadians, we are so nice!  She has this cute {and funny} blog, The Aftercraft … you should go check it out…

So, after all that, we headed back on the ferry to the mainland.  And here’s what we saw…

Lighthouses, quaint homes on the ocean, beautiful trees!!!  Man, it was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

I wish I had my big camera, but my cell phone had to do..

We were on the Coastal Celebration {kind of fitting … we were celebrating going home … especially my dad!}

Coming in to dock

 My Dad.

Love you, Dad!  I’m so glad we got to spend this time together … even if you were in the hospital.  I’m just so glad and lucky to still have you around.  You have some serious Guardian Angels in your life and I’m so grateful to them for keeping you here a bit longer….

And there you have it, the little tour …

xo Tara


  1. Great pictures! My mom is from Canada so that makes me Canadian too (partly). I love those mittens!

    • Cathy,
      Yes, you are half Cdn! Where is she from?
      The mittens are AWESOME, hey! The boys already had a pair, but I bought more for them as I knew they’d get shredded {always good to have more than one of something … hehe}
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Cathy!

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