My Shark Tank Video

Oh, making a video for Shark Tank is pretty much one of the most stressful things I think I’ve done in a long while.  Well, maybe not stressful, but there’s a lot that I wanted to share and say, but it’s a 5 minute video!  And, I’m known to be a bit chit-chatty….

You wanna see what I wore?

ed06af42a7b211e1a8761231381b4856 7 My Shark Tank Video

Fancy, hey!

It makes me laugh!!!

Hey, it was from the waist up, so no need to be uncomfortable from the waist down right!  That’s what I say!

Here’s my fancy schmancy set ….

03134eaca7c811e19e4a12313813ffc0 7 My Shark Tank Video

I hope it works.  I hope they see past my ‘numbers’.

It’s a TV show!  They’ll see my personality!!!

And as for Uncle Kevin {aka Mr Wonderful} … I’m committing to winning him over.

Big undertaking, yes.

I’m up for it though.  I think deep down, he’s a softy.  He’s just hard on the outside.

Yes, he’s all numbers.  He’s all business.

But, how can he pass up this pretty face?

{it was a good hair day}

IMG 7615 My Shark Tank Video

Wish me luck!

We will hear back in about 3 weeks or so if Taradara will be a part of the upcoming Shark Tank on ABC season!!!!

xo Tara

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  1. Good luck- keep your loyal readers informed… so we can watch for you :-)
    Ratna recently posted..National Strawberry Month- Stoneyfield YoKids & Tom’s of Maine GIVEAWAYMy Profile


    Tara Reply:

    Thanks, Ratna! I will definitely keep you posted!!! xo


  2. amanda kay tea says:

    good luck Tara! My fingers are crossed for you :D


    Tara Reply:

    Thanks Amanda! I really appreciate it!!!! xo


  3. Love paisley bottoms. They go so well with your black top.


    Tara Reply:

    Thanks, Tina! I love them too!!!! xo


  4. Go Taradara! Good luck! FYI I just read an interview with the producers of Jersey Shore, and they said Snooki was so popular because she was able to create a really bold and descriptive visual picture of herself: pouf, spraytan, nails-etc. Basically so people flipping channels get an instant visual message and get sucked in to the show. You look great with the red-orange lipstick, matching flower hair clip and bangs! Make that your trademark :)
    Speed Chic
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