My Boy is just like ME

My boy made me proud yesterday … well, ultra proud!!!

He’s been making the paracord bracelets for himself and he REALLY likes making them!!

Paracord Bracelets for sale, taradara's boy is following in her footsteps as a young entrepreneur

He has 2 here, he now has 5 that go up his arm …


My little rockstar!

His buddies at school have also expressed a desire to have HIS bracelets.  So he has made a few for his closest friends and given them to them.  It brings me back to when my girlfriends and I used make those friendship bracelets … remember those??!!!

So, it’s just like the male version of them!

I love it!!!!

So, he said, “Hey Mom, I could sell these!!!”


That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!

That’s my BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, he told me that he will sell them for 5 BUCKS each.

I overheard him talking to a couple of different buddies on the school ground today.  {They’re all chasing him wanting his bracelets}

He told a boy who isn’t one of his closest buddies, “When you bring me 5 dollars, you can have one”.

The boy is an ENTREPRENEUR like his mama!!

*fist pump*

Proud moment.


  1. Good job to your boy and good job, mama!!!

  2. Elora Shore says:

    Wow! That’s great! I would be so proud too! I hope he does go into business–I’m sure mom would be more than happy to help! It would be so cool if he found early success. ;D

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