Mobile Auto Detailing in Denver

What would be a wonderful gift to give to a dad who is so hard to buy for or who has everything on Father’s Day?  I know of one thing …

A Mobile Auto Detailing!!!!

And I’m giving one away!!! 

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Win a mobile auto detailing package valued at $200Seriously, why haven’t I thought of this before? 

My husband would love to get this for a gift any time, not just for Father’s Day … just sayin….

I had an amazing (Mother’s Day) gift presented to me by Carspa Denver.  They provided me a mobile car detailing package for my Yukon which knocked my socks off!  My vehicle is well used and abused. 

There is no question that my Yukon needed a serious detail, but I certainly don’t have time to do it.  Sure, I like to have a tidy and clean car, but the reality is having kids going to hockey or to baseball, we eat in the car, we drink in the car, we now have a dog who has been in the car … all these things are normal occurrences in vehicles that cart families. 

All of these things seriously mess of the interior of the vehicle if not kept on top of it.  For me, I may vacuum my car when it gets to where I can’t stand it.  I do wash my car though more frequently than not.  It’s nice to drive a clean shiny car … vehicles are expensive, it’s really important to take care of them. 

In Colorado, we have our share of salt and sand spread on our roads to keep them safe, but having that build up under our vehicles in the wheel wells, etc can cause early rust deterioration and erosion.  So, for me, that’s one reason I wash my car more frequently than not.

But, it seems washing the outside is as far as I get … so you can imagine what the interior looks like.  Well, here’s some photos just so you don’t have to imagine too hard, and it may possibly show you that you are not alone (or that I’m a total slob)

Mobile car detailing in Denver

Mobile car detailing in DenverWe had a little spill accident … Starbucks Iced Tea vs Beethoven … either he didn’t see my brand new drink (ahem), or he did and wanted to see what it did if he stepped on it…

Mobile car detailing in DenverAlright, so you get the idea.

Then … Darryl came to my house one misty morning and started on my car. 

Mobile car detailing in DenverDid I mention, THEY COME TO YOUR HOUSE!!!!  Best thing ever in my world.

I seriously could rave about CarSpa, but since they say a picture says a 1,000 words, here are some pictures that just might show you how amaze-balls they are…

Mobile car detailing in Denver

Mobile car detailing in DenverNot only does is LOOK GREAT, it smells NEW!!!

Mobile car detailing in Denver

Mobile car detailing in Denver

Mobile car detailing in DenverCrazy difference, isn’t it? 

Darryl seriously impressed me and I’m actually going to have CarSpa detail my husband’s truck for Father’s Day (don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog, so it’s safe to post it).  He may had expressed a bit of jealousy that I was getting my car done when I told him CarSpa was coming to detail my Yukon.

So, it’s settled and that’s what he’s getting.

We’re offering the lucky winner a CarSpa Denver detail for your vehicle (valued at $200), oh and they’re running a ‘Spring Cleaning’ deal right now … 25% OFF!! 

Please go to Carspa Auto Detailing Denver to see the different packages they offer…

This giveaway is limited to Denver area residents only.

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Good Luck!!!

** Disclaimer: I was provided a car detail service in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Hi There! What a great giveaway… I have had a detail completed before, but it’s been WAY TOO LONG, and my car is VERY lived in. Would love to win this!

  2. I have never had my car detailed, but it sounds awesome! I had no idea this was even a thing, mobile services. Super cool.

  3. Angela McKinney says:

    Our car is still daily new but with a 3 year old it does need detailed already. We have not done it yet though

  4. Yes, we usually do it every year before our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving, but this year I wanted to do it before camping seasons started up again.

  5. I’ve had my car detailed once before and LOVED the results! After mountain adventures, my Outback could use some TLC this spring!

  6. I visited and think that any one that has a car would love this service. Kids or no kids, cars gather dirt, trash and just all around ick. We all need an ick free life!

  7. Wow clean car and you don’t have to drop your car off. What a cool idea.

  8. I have never had a car detailed.

  9. I would like to get this for my mother or my brother in order to show my gratitude and appreciation, and maybe so I don’t have to clean the car.

    • Carspa Denver says:

      Aaron, thats a great idea! If you don’t win the contest we also offer gift cards for your loved ones!

  10. Have I ever had my vehicle detailed? No, but I have recently been thinking that it’s about time that I did! *crossing fingers*

  11. I know my sister could use a detail on her car, too. She put herself through school and now is working so hard that she doesn’t have time to take care of things like this. Carspa help her!

  12. We are here to help @Desiree! Follow us on Facebook, and enter for your chance to win 🙂 still a few days left for this amazing free deal!

  13. I would love to win this! My car could use some love. The dogs have beat it up quite a bit.

  14. Ashley Eckard says:

    I have never detailed any of my cars before. I would love the opportunity to get this done.

  15. Zach Snyder says:

    This is awesome Tara!!!

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