Make a Birds Nest Material Feeder – For Free

I have so many little tiny fabric scraps that I’ve been just throwing away and it donned on me, why not give it to the birds!

They can decorate their nests!  Who knows, there might be a bird who is a ‘nest decorator’ out there who actually cares what her nest looks like.  She might some color added, some pretty amongst all the brown twigs … maybe some polka dots for her little babies to look at?  So I have a very EASY and QUICK Birds Nest Material Feeder Tutorial for you today.

It literally took me under 30 minutes to put together and it was FREE to make.  Didn’t cost a cent!!!

Who doesn’t like FREE?


Plastic Bottle

Fabric Scraps


Knife or X-acto Knife

String or Rope


I start by making a long cut with my knife and finishing it with my scissors.

Make several narrow slices around the bottle, about 1/2″ wide {you can certainly make them wider, totally up to you}

I made one wider rectangle in order to put the material inside the bottle.  I would suggest to do this one last as it comprises the ‘strength’ of the bottle and makes it more difficult to cut in to the bottle when making all the other narrow cuts.

Then use your knife and make 2 holes or cuts at the top of the bottle.  Just big enough to fit your string or rope through.

Pull them all the way through and make knots at the end {or tie ends together if you feel knots won’t hold}

Then stuff if it with all your pretty fabric scraps you were about to throw away!

What bird wouldn’t love this in her nest?

Not only pretty, but warm and soft for her family.

… not to mention, COLORFUL, too!

xo Tara

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  1. Nikki Kelly says:

    So fun! You’ll have to keep an eye out for colorful nests. I’d love to see some of this actually in a nest!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  2. How fun is this! Hope you see a lot of colorful nests!

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  4. I’ve read that bright colors can attract predators to a nest, so you might want to stick with natural colored yarns and strings.

    • Thanks, Faye! I will certainly keep that in mind for the future. It has since faded from the sun, I just hope the birds who took some took the muted colors!!


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