Hey all!

So, I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth!

Life has just happened.

Surgery, work, taxes, projects, kids, etc, etc, etc …

I am currently getting ready to do a couple 1 hour long video tutorials on a couple of FUN cute projects!!


You will see me in the Sew News magazine in the winter!!!  Yes, I’m sewing Christmas attire in April!!!

My studio was just missing the Christmas music!!!  Ho Ho Ho!!!

Messy sewing studio at it's finest!

It’s been nice to be back in the studio so soon after just having surgery.

Check out my war wound!!

Recovery from elbow surgery

Pretty sweet that an Orthopedic surgeon sewed this pretty little line, isn’t it?!

(No offense to orthopods, but it is an IMPRESSIVE closure!)

Hmmm … what else …

Oh poor Buster got his manhood removed 🙁

So, we’ve been taking care of the little guy in the ‘Cone of Shame’ … One of our favorite lines from ‘UP’ … “I do not like the cone of shame” … We’ve a lot of fun with Buster’s looks and referencing ‘UP’ multiple times daily.

Cone of Shame IMG_4411

Doesn’t he look thrilled!

Poor pup!

So, as you can see, life has taken over as it does for most of us.

As much as I’ve missed you all, I’ve enjoyed taking the time to be with the boys and for my recovery.

Getting ready now to run a FULL MARATHON in May!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. You are such an incredibly busy woman. You don’t let a little thing like surgery set you back. You go girl!

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