Life of a DIYer

Lots going on in this household lately!

Lots in the way of DIY, plaster, paint, kitchens, and bedrooms!

Yes, I’ve been a busy ADHD bee! {I’ve never been diagnosed as ADHD, self diagnosing here}. I might just be one of those people that needs one of those HGTV shows to come in and finish projects I’ve started. Right now, I have all 12 can lights hanging out of my kitchen ceiling waiting for the final finish to go up. So far I’ve taken the look from this ….

DIY textured ceiling. Kitchen Makeover is coming along so nice!

Grungy … full of random holes in the ceiling.

Having some help from this handsome little guy…

DIY with kids.  Plaster the ceilings or walls, kids LOVE to help! To this, a nice plastered textured white beauty + some extra faux finishing swatches…

Faux finish your ceiling DIY

I’ve been dying to get rid of that ugly yellow rectangle stain and the 9,947 nail holes on the ceiling that was left by the old fluorescent lighting. We got these beautiful pendant light fixtures from The Broadmoor, a picturesque resort in Colorado Springs {thanks to our close electrician friend}. They add so much to the kitchen and I was very happy that the lighting exposure was not compromised. Even as much as I hated, no, despised the appearance of the kitchen light box, I did not want to switch it out to something that would give off less light.

Okay, so, the ceiling is plastered, primed and painted. Most would call it done as this point. Not I! I have this vision in my mind for an opalescent finish to create interest, movement, and sheen. This is where it sits right now … unfinished….

Trying to decide a faux finish for your ceiling? Try small areas in different lighting to help you decide. Then simply paint over swatches you don't like and move forward with the finish you love
I would love to finish it, however, the long weekend was here and I have been staring at my oldest’s room with 4 WHITE WALLS! My motto has always been that ‘life is too short for white walls!‘ We’ve been in the house 4 years and I feel so bad that he has had to be in a room that has been white wall boring!!!!
I had packed up the pictures that were on his walls a few months ago with the highest intention of painting. But, when the inspiration isn’t there, it’s hard to get started.
He decided he wants a Broncos room. Blue and Orange! I am all for that, however, my challenge was, HOW? I knew I wanted to paint the Bronco’s logo somewhere and we decided where. But as for the rest of the colors, I was stumped!!
But now, I’m no longer stumped and am ready to paint and get this Bronco lovin kiddo his room back!
Since his room looks like this …

Painting a kids room can be a big decision and lots of work.  See how this mom did it in a weekend

I figure I might as well paint the baseboards and the window casing/molding. You know, because that won’t take any time … right????
I sanded to rough up the surface slightly. So dusty … blech! Worth it though to sand off at least a little bit in order for the paint to grip to something. I used 180 grit 3M sand paper and it worked perfectly.

I painted the baseboards, window casing and the closet and door frames white.  And everything else is BLUE and ORANGE…

Broncos room for kids. Easy to paint!

I’m so excited to share with you the logo I painted FREE HAND!!!  It’s in the works and ready to be in the spotlight!!!

Please stay tuned to learn how I refinished my kitchen ceiling and how I painted my son’s Bronco themed room!!

xo Tara

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