Lego Figurine Storage – Goodwill Before and After

Goodwill is my go-to place for my flighty ideas and project hopefuls.  My boys have all these Lego Figurines and they’re scattered throughout the house.  I’ve wondered to myself how to display them in a nice clean way.  I have also lurked through the Goodwill aisles and have seen these wooden trays wondering to myself, ‘what could I do with those?’  Then, all of the sudden, it donned on me!!!

Lego Figurine Storage!!!

Lego Figurine Storage for CHEAP! Goodwill before and after! An easy DIY anyone can do!

What a concept!

All I did was spray paint the wood in a metallic silver paint.

Lego Figurine Storage

Goodwill deals before and afterWhat a difference!!!  It is now ready to get to work!

Goodwill deals before and afterThen used hot glue to secure 4 top/8 top/24 top flat Lego pieces in the middle of the individual compartments.

Goodwill deals before and after - Lego Figurine StorageLet it dry and started to fill them up.

Goodwill deals before and after - Lego Figurine StorageThe boys were so enthralled by seeing the Lego figurines they have … that they most likely forgot about as they were at the bottom of their Lego bins!

Goodwill deals before and after - Lego Figurine StorageDon’t you just love being able to see all the figurines that your hard earned money went to?
Goodwill deals before and after - Lego Figurine StorageI have plenty Lego figurines left over so I am on the lookout for more at Goodwill to paint and fix up!

Enjoy creating!

Imagine what else you could use this tray for.  If you have used it for something else, please comment and share your projects in the comment box below!!

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  1. Cute!!!! Great find!

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