Larry King and Steve Forbes – Success 2012 Denver

The Success 2012 Seminar has such an amazing line up, Larry King and Steve Forbes!  They’re making 5 stops in the WORLD, yep, WORLD and they kicked it off in Denver, CO!  It was so spectacular!

I wrote out Bill Cosby last week, I was in such awe!!  He was the cherry on top as speakers like Steve Forbes and Larry King were up prior to him.

Steve Forbes started the day with an upbeat and FUNNY session.  I loved how he pointed out the marketing facts about certain companies that have MADE IT!  He was charming, funny, and made a LOT of sense!  He should, after all he’s Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.  He spoke on the fluctuation of the dollar and the gold standard and strategies that thriving corporations use to stay ahead of the pack.

Larry King came out and they surprised him with some fireworks – they need to be careful with those, heart attacks do happen!  LOL!  He shared some childhood stories that reminded us that you might not be a stand out early on, it doesn’t mean anything in the game of life and business and ways to use humor to persuade an audience.  And so much more.

It was refreshing to see him monologue right in front us.  No guests, no desk … just him.

We attended a VIP breakfast with Tom Hopkins, America’s sales guru, listened to him speak and answer questions.  Did I ask a question?  Nope, too early for this gal.  My face still is puffy, I’m not fully functioning that early.  He was sincere and genuine … but he certainly is a salesman.  Holy toledo!  I was strong and didn’t ‘buy in’ to the tactics, I sat back and learned from them!  Smart, right?! It just seemed to over my head for me.

Well, that was Success 2012 in Denver.

xo Tara

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