A Kitchen Makeover – Hey, Bob Vila, check it out! It’s finally done!

My kitchen makeover is finally over!

It all started with the hardwood floors that were flooded last year.

 They got redone (thank you insurance).

Then we got new GE appliances.  I love the pewter finish as it’s not a finger print magnet!

YAY me!

The Kitchen Island Makeover

I went ahead and refinished the kitchen island with a beautiful tile mosaic.  Here is the front where the mosaic is now.

Refinish your kitchen island

Here is the other side of the kitchen island:

Refinish your kitchen island

AND here it is WITH the mosaic and the eye catching blue paint finish on the cabinets.

Refinish your kitchen island

Refinish your kitchen island

I added bead board (and showed you how in this ‘how to add bead board to your cabinets‘ post.  There is also a post on how to make a mosaic that I wrote so you can make one for your home! 😉

Retexturize the ceiling!

A little while ago, I posted about being a DIYer and shared some photos of myself and my boy plastering the ceiling.  I love it when they help me {in small doses … just being honest}

Redo your ceiling

The eye sore of a light box hovering over the kitchen island was removed and replaced with 2 pendent lights.  These aren’t just any pendent lights, they came from The Broadmoor Hotel & Resort in Colorado Springs!!!  Whoa!!!

Redo your ceiling

With the removal of the rectangular light box, left a large ugly outline and random holes in the ceiling.  The small miniature ceiling fan was also removed which left a hole as well.  So, instead of trying to match the slight existing ceiling texture, I decided to just re-texturize the whole kitchen ceiling.  If I didn’t do this, the areas in the ceiling where the holes were covered and the rectangular outline would have been very apparent.  So, I just went ahead and used joint compound to redo the ceiling to make it uniform.  {I will be sure to post a tutorial on how to do this}

Refinish the kitchen cabinets

Then, the biggest undertaking of the kitchen project was refinishing the cabinets!

Here are a few of the before photos:

Kitchen Makeover Complete

Kitchen Makeover Complete

Kitchen Makeover Complete

Sanded with 180 grit 3M sand paper {that I love}, and stained with Java wood stain and sealed with a satin finish polyurethane.

Kitchen Makeover Complete

 I replaced the ‘jewelry’ with handles I purchased from Lowes eons ago.  {however, I believe I will change them again as they blend into the dark finish too much.  I’ll either purchase new ones or paint them}

Kitchen Makeover Complete

I just love the transformation of my kitchen!!!!

Kitchen Makeover Complete

Refinish your kitchen cabinets

Refinish your kitchen cabinets

I wish my counter tops were always this tidy and clean!  It is NEVER like this {just keepin it real, friends!}

Replace the kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet was replaced as well!  And made such a difference in the kitchen!

Replace your kitchen faucet

It has been MONTHS and MONTHS in the making and I’m so glad it’s almost done.  Yes, I have decided that I need to repaint the walls as well.  And maybe sew a new valance and curtain for the sliding glass door.

My work is never done around here … and that’s just the way I like it….

What do you think?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts on what you think about the transformation….

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  1. Stunning!!! I LOVE the mosaic. Now where do I sign for you do come and redo my kitchen?

  2. I absolutely love your island! It is gorgeous, and so artsy.

  3. Liz Morgan says:

    You are so talented and artistic. I’ve always loved mosaics. I can see a mosaic done in a bathroom, too. What about putting a mosaic in a picture frame and hanging it on the wall? Endless ideas! Your kitchen cabinets in Java look like new! What a beautiful color! I’ll be interested to see what color you paint your kitchen walls. The only teeny suggestion I have is I wonder what the blue paint on the island would look like with a faint wash of dark wax, just to tone it down a little and color connect it with your beautiful cabinets? Just thinking. Anyway, you are amazing, Liz

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