Kids DIY Christmas Tree Project – Use your scrap wood and paint!

DIY Colorful Christmas Trees

We have had so many compliments on our DIY trees!!  You can totally as well!!!

Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree ProjectThis project is a cool fun DIY family project that you can do with your children.  

Use up a bunch your scrap wood and any paint that you want to use up.  The best part is that you can store these trees away easily in a small stack for the next years to come.

You’ll need…

Scrap pieces of wood of various lengths and widths

A thin piece of wood for the back

Various paints and decorations (if you choose to decorate)

Wood Screws


Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree Project

Make the DIY Christmas Trees…

Lay out the wood and make some cuts if needed to get the tiered effect.

Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree ProjectYou can either spray paint or you can have your children to paint the pieces of wood.  

Paint the pieces all different colors or do them the same color.  Honestly, leave it up to your child and let them have ownership of their creativity.  The boys chose what colours they wanted and I spray painted.  If I used paint to roll, they would’ve done it.

Then what you’ll do is you will assemble them.  

Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree ProjectPre-drill a hole in the top piece of wood just so that the kids can put the screw in and and screw the screw in.  Don’t worry about the bottom one as the ‘design’ will most likely change 😉

Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree ProjectYou will have to help the kiddo by holding the pieces of wood as the wood will spin a bit with the rotation of the screw.  I let my boys decide how they wanted their tree to look.  One wanted the ‘branches’ spaced out and the other wanted them all together with no spacing.  

Totally cool!

Then, have various decorations or paint to spruce up their trees.  My boys didn’t choose to do anything to their trees (they liked them just this way).  Provide the decorations or ideas for the kiddos, but let them decide.  

They will totally be proud of their DIY masterpiece!!!

Family DIY Wood Christmas Tree ProjectThen you just can put it up front and when you take down the decorations, simply unscrew the screws and pile it up in a nice neat neat pile of wood, tie them together.  

We had such a great time making these and we hope you do too!


  1. Wow. Looks great. I’ll have to make some at Christmastime.

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