Joann Had a Serious Sale … on Buttons

My local Joann store made my jaw drop the other day!

I’m always on the lookout for buttons as I use them in just about everything I make.

Boy, was I happy shopper when I saw an aisle FULL of these buttons marked WAY down.

I guess they’re discontinuing this line?

But, who am I to ask, not when they’re marked this far down…

 I bought 72 packets of buttons!


You wanna know how much I paid?


They were marked .25, .50 and .97

on brand new buttons!

Do you wanna know how much I would have paid?

You do.


They were regularly marked $2.59, $3.50, & $4.99.

I saved a total of $131.97!

Holy Hannah!!!!

Thank you, Joann, for the great deal!!!

Please share the great sales you’ve scored!!!!

 xo Tara


  1. Yippee!! That’s a great deal! I love buttons too :o)

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